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Musical Instruments

Original pre-school keyboard, which converts into a writing desk, as a keyboard this item, includes ..

BD 22.580

Learn to play with Mickey..

BD 2.700

Electric guitar with 8 different rhythms and accompaniments. It has a shoulder strap and a volume an..

BD 16.200

Learn to play with Winnie..

BD 1.950

IMC Foldable Keyboard Disney Princess..

BD 10.650

This personalized keyboard includes eight music scores helps children to learn to play popular songs..

BD 13.650

Complete set of musical instruments for children to enjoy themselves learning to play with Winnie. I..

BD 12.150

The Stylish & fashionable hand microphone includes 3 built in musical Disney Princess tunes &..

BD 6.900

Introduce children to the world of music with this fun DISNEY design. Includes easy sheet music so c..

BD 4.050

This little instrument offers big fun that keep baby amused while learning to love music...

BD 5.930

PopTunes are for the older aged preschoolers to further their musical development. They can play wel..

BD 8.930

Little Tikes PopTunes are the only musical toy instruments featuring popular contemporary tunes that..

BD 8.930

This fun music toy lets kids play along to popular songs or create their own tunes. Light up keys an..

BD 7.430

This fun music toy gives you two ways to play. Tap a song with the mallet or shake the bells for a r..

BD 5.930

A delightful music toy that your family will enjoy for years. This classic xylophone lets infants an..

BD 7.430

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