Electric Blue-Color Combos in Women’s Outfit Fashion

Neon colors are bright, lively and makes you stand out from the crowd. Electric blue is no exception. If you want to make a fashion statement with color, go choose electric blue.

A great color that gets along with all skin complexions, electric blue is easy to mix with almost all outfit colors too. Considered as very powerful, resonates with freshness and vivacity, the color electric blue makes you look even more appealing. Stay clear of ordinary colors, for the season is all set for electric blue! Try to match your electric blue attire with its matching colors on accessories, outfits and jewelry. Show off your new color style on electric blue and here are ..

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Lenovo Phab 2 Pro: The All New Google Tango Phone

Lenovo has released Tango camera setup first ever in the history of smartphones in the latest edition of their Phab 2 Pro. It’s more advanced that its elder sibling Phab 2 though it shares the same whopping screen size- 6.4” with that of Phab 2 Pro. Apart from the specs, Lenovo Phab 2 comes with fingerprint sensor and the Tango camera set up- the all new technology by Google enabling augmented reality functions. Let’s see more on the killer features Lenovo Phab 2 Pro.


Lenovo Phab 2 Pro design resembles closely to the Huawei Mate 8 and 9. Mor..

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Guide to Make Men’s Blazer Casual

Blazers usually are considered as formal wear embellishing the ensemble. Nevertheless, it can be worn as a casual outfit as well. Evidently, blazers can be paired with casual pieces to take its formal look away. But always avoid clothes that are dull or shabby as it would only ruin the appearance.

If you are looking for creating casual appearance with a blazer, try out these amazing casual styling tips for blazers. Check what needs to be considered to make a blazer appear casual.


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LG G4- A great choice on Android phones

LG G4 developed and unveiled by LG Electronics on 29th April 2015 in South Korea is more of a kind of its predecessor, LG G3. The phone evolved from its older sibling has many improved features as well, say for instance it is undoubtedly regarded as the one among the best smartphone cameras. Let’s see more features of LG G4 smartphone.

Display and design

As said, the LG G4 resembles more or less like G3 in its 5.5 inch screen with button less sides. Physical buttons sits on the rear sides but won’t trouble you much. You don’t need to make reach you..

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Men’s Denim Jacket Styles

Perhaps the most versatile style among jackets, denim never goes out of vogue any time soon. Denim go with almost all light/ bright colored (color blocking) outfits and transforms the appearance so easily. Since they resonate with casual style, you would find more of causal outfits, casual footwear paired up with Denim jacket. You can make it even more professional by relying on slight changes in the type of outfits, though you cannot attend a formal event spotting a denim jacket. But fret not, show off your denim jackets style on casual settings and here are a few ways to wear denim jackets. Inspire others with your denim style.

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Men’s Leather Jacket Buying Guide

Leather jackets are timeless style, so you never want to miss it in your wardrobe. Relatively expensive, before you splurge money on leather jackets, check out the factors that needs to be considered. If you want to buy leather jacket for casual purpose or complement your business attire, you may require two different kind to fulfill the needs. It depends on the purpose and events evidently, but should also match your body type and fit suitably.

Jacket color

While if you prefer choosing jacket color that is most likely to match with your outfits, i..

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Everything You Need To Know About Nexus 6P

The flagship android phablet, Nexus 6P is worth the money. The big sibling of plastic coated Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P offers classy and sophisticated features. The first ever all- metal body, easy to hold Nexus phone looks way ahead of its predecessors. Check out more on this phone.

Features and Design

The 5.7” AMOLED display phone, protected by Gorilla Glass 4 has flat back comes with slightly tapered edges can be held comfortably with single hand. The power button and volume rocker sits on the right hand side so closely. The reversible USB-C port is on..

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About Toshiba C55 Satellite Laptops

Budget friendly laptops are in demand among those who do not do too much gaming or use intensive applications, but that are designed for impressive performance and entertainment. If you are looking for a laptop that performs better and at the same time affordable, Toshiba C55 Satellite laptops would be your best choice.

C55 Satellite laptops are among the 15.6”inch series, followed by C55 which offer 17.3” HD display screen. Let’s breakdown what C55 Satellite series has to offer for its buyers.

Design and Build

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Buy Mobile Phones at Low Prices on Dukakeen.com

If you are looking for brand new top quality mobile phones, then you have come to the right place. Mobile phones have been pretty much expensive and if you ever think finding one that matches your requirements/ budget becomes tedious, shop at Dukakeen.com. We have mobile phones of top brands at quite inexpensive rates from Apple, HTC, Samsung, LG, Asus, BlackBerry, Huawei, Lenovo, Micromax, Motorola, Nokia/Microsoft, One Plus, Xiaomi, Xtouch, Sony, Alcatel and a few more in the list.

Log into Dukakeen.com and search for mobiles at low prices on any of these ..

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Animal Prints In Women’s Fashion

You have everything in prints and patterns in your wardrobe, but does it look complete without animal print outfits? You cannot overlook animal print trends in women’s fashion outfits and accessories. Have fun with animal prints on your dress, top, shoes, bag and scarf. But before you go shopping for animal print outfits, let’s check out what seems right when it comes to flaunting animal prints. Let me tell you, all you need to do is to strike the right balance!

Get one Single Animal Printed Piece

The key is to create the best look in a single piec..

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Why You Should Settle with OnePlus 3

The ‘Never Settle’ tagline is apt for OnePlus brand- 4 different smartphones with superb functionality and style, OnePlus would never show signs of settling. With the brand waiving the much criticized invite system, OnePlus 3 Dual SIM phones were launched with invite free option unlike its predecessors making it most sought after among the other smart phones coming under the same price range. Let’s see the features and specs of the all new OnePlus 3-the invite free phone.

Design and Build

A not very big, but noticeable change has been made in th..

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Buying Swan Dome Kettles and Toasters

Your personal preferences for buying kettle and toasters would focus on its features such as quick boiling, water filtering, power usage, low boiling noise, weight, capacity,cleaning, maintenance and repairs and then comes to styles- if it matches with kitchen interior/ accessories/ toasters and many more. Similarly, for buying toasters too, you might have many preferences including slot designs, size, easy to maintenance feature. In case you are looking for the best in the kettles and toasters kind, Swan brands serves function and style.

Swan Retro Dome Kettle

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Men’s Style Tips on Dressing Up For Formal Events

Though many things in casual fashion are ever evolving, formal dress code more or less remains the same. And it is always wise to know the nature of formal events so you can dress it accordingly in a formal event. In fact, it is easy to dress for formal events since there is always a formal standard dress code.

Men’s Formal Dress Styles

Usually, black and white suit has been considered as formal wear with dress pants and dress shirt paired with a tie. The entire outfit should look neat, spick and span. The dress shirt should be in subtle colors, with white, light blue bei..

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7 Style Tips to Make You Look Taller Without Heels

Adding those extra height is no more a daunting task, as these fashion tips to look taller is all intended to ward off your worries. If you are petite, you take up all efforts to make up the petiteness. And here is a list of things you would love to try to get that extra inches.

Small prints

Always try to wear small prints and designs to look taller. Small prints on clothes have the ability to enhance height. Looking taller than usual, is all about finding the right choices in clothing and accessories. Loud and bold designs sabotage your desire to look taller than actual..

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Cell Phone Cases Buying Guide

If you have expended pretty good amount of money on your branded mobile phone, then why hesitate to buy a protective case to save it from potential hazards resulting from dust and scratches. Before you pick the case and covers you should understand the aspects determining its purpose and effectiveness each of these protective cases offer. The more the protection, the more it affects the phone’s aesthetics and ergonomics. Based on your specific needs, it can be rugged cases, kick stands, tough covers, pouches, skin, slim cases and many more. If you are baffled about choosing what makes the be..

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Exclusive Collection on Abayas

Abayas represent the outfit fashion purely dedicated to fulfill cultural and religious norms in clothing. Over the time, Abayas fashion has seemingly transformed; the loose garment in all black color signifies as religious and cultural symbol now comes in different designs and patterns with slight embellishments. While the design and the material go into the making determines how expensive the Abayas are, the demand for these loose long one piece garment embellished with stones and decorative details are on a high among women. Rather than Abayas been considered as a religious/ cultural symbol in many countries in Middle East, Abayas has made mandatory to alleviate the instances of social cultural differences. Though Abayas h..

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What’s Exceptional on iPhone 7 Plus

Though it has not been incorporated the upgrades expected, iPhone 7 Plus is still rich in its features with improved battery life and ingenious camera. There are many more aspects to explore and here is a quick glance on iPhone 7 Plus’ most prominent features.

The key features

As opposed to its forerunners, IPhone 7 Plus comes with a classy design, enhanced battery life A10 fusion chip with two power cores designed to consume low power during simple tasks such as web browsing while the other two gets enabled when you start watching movies or play games. The battery lasts..

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Merchants! Why should you be selling through Dukakeen.com

When it comes to selling online, Dukakeen is the leading destination in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. Indeed, it is the digital window to get sales effected with the click of a button quite fast! Apart from establishing an online presence, sales support and helping in gaining new customers, sellers/vendors associating with Dukakeen can make the most of the benefits out of it. There are some typical advantages for sellers with dukakeen.com in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar. Here is a list of pros Dukakeen has to offer for its sellers and vendors.

Advantages of being a seller on Dukakeen.com

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Benefits of Choosing Cash on Delivery during Online Shopping

E-commerce websites have realized that cash on delivery (COD) as an inevitable payment process. Not many buyers would like to use plastic money for safety reasons and the low percentage of people holding credit cards make online stores to provide for COD. The facility is going to stay in future though it is not evidently bringing in any benefits for e-commerce companies. Buyers on the other hand, receive big benefits by opting COD.

Let’s see some of the advantages of using COD option for buyers. The fact that it offers plenteous benefits for b..

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