Color Combos in Men’s Shirts and Ties

Getting the best combinations on shirts and ties can be daunting, sometimes. But do not fret, if you are baffled about how to create the best combo on shirts and ties, read on to find what makes the shirt-tie combo a perfect hit.

Let’s find out how a tie complements the appearance of a shirt. If you would love to flaunt the shirt-tie combo style, add some color into your wardrobe and enhance the best chances to get umpteen combinations. Here is how you do it in style!

Matching colors

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Denim Shirts Style for Men

The denims! The evergreen casual fashion never stops to enthrall shoppers who splurge on clothing. The fact that it can be combined along with a number of attires and there is no hard and fast rule makes denim the most favorite fashion! If you would like to try a few of the best styles that get along with the MVP in men’s casual fashion, read on!

You hardly need to dress up in expensive Denim brand shirts to pull the look. It’s all about how you combine denim shirts with other outfits. If you are not particular about the brand, enhance the look with these add ons. Here is the guide to start rediscovering the denim shirt style

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Dukakeen Braces for Ramadan Rush

Ramadan. The ninth month of Islamic calendar is so unique and auspicious for Muslims across the globe. A month long fasting from dawn to dusk symbolizes faith, humility, purity and above all submissiveness to Almighty. As the Ramadan month begins, it’s also a time for celebration by shopping new clothes, jewelry, home decorations, gadgets and gifts items of all sorts for dear and near ones. Eid Al Fitr is a family event, so exchanging gifts has become part and parcel of this big celebration. This Ramadan, Dukakeen has come up with plenty of offers on products to fulfill Ramadan shopping requirements.

Shop for clothing, jew..

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Distinctly Different & Impressively Designed Blackberry KEYone

The once ‘smart’ smartphone maker is now off the charts with its recently launched phone, ‘BlackBerry KEYone’. For all Blackberry loyalists, it’s the time to upgrade! But this time, the smartphone has been manufactured, marketed and distributed by China’s TCL Communication under a brand licensing agreement with the premium smartphone maker, Blackberry which evidently mark the end of its own hardware development. The impressively designed phone works distinctly different with its robust features, this modern edition using Android Nougat clearly envisages the requirements of a die-hard BlackBerry fan.

Basic specifications

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How to style men’s chinos

Chinos occupy a premium place in men’s wardrobe ever since it started associating with casual fashion as an everyday wear. Usually resonating to twill, in cotton or cotton blend materials. Since chinos come under casual fashion, the options are unlimited. Style it with a range of shirts and accessories to get the perfect wardrobe combinations for that special occasion.

Chinos, mostly do not have pockets in the front and commonly come in dust brown color since initially these pair of trousers were used for military purposes. However, chinos of all colors are also available in different lengths.

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Guide to Buying Women’s Fur Jacket

Fur coat is not just a fashion piece but the best winter outfit that is intended to protect you from warm weather. Being a big investment in the winter outfits segment, it is wise that you consider certain factors before buying fur coat. If you have not ever purchased a fur coat until now, there is every chance that you get mislead with plenty of brands in the market. Let’s see what needs to be considered in first place while buying a fur coat.

You should not be buying what is available but make the choice based on the types and fabric materials that goes into the making of fur coat. Check out for more here.

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5 Essential Tips to Hydrate Your Skin

Keeping your skin hydrated is a daunting task, though the factors to get dehydrated are aplenty- ageing and lifestyle being prominent causes for poor skin health. Other reasons include exposure to extreme hot/cold conditions such as hot showering or sitting for a very long time under cold conditions. But do not fret, there are plenty of remedies to maintain the healthy glow on the skin. Want to get the special tips on getting your skin hydrated every time? Then read on these tips.

Hydration routine

To be on a skin care regimen to restore moisture c..

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Outfit Style Tips for Short and Skinny Men

If you are short, and you are dismayed about the thought that tall men gets the appeal, do not get disheartened. There are some real ways to add length to your silhouette and clothing does play a major role in improving length to body frame. Here are a few tips to make you look tall by changing the way you dress.

Wearing close-fitting clothes

Always go for form-fitting clothes that stay close to your body. Most men prefer to wear clothes that are one to two sizes bigger than them, but it looks too sloppy on short and skinny men. Also, avoid wearing..

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Matte Lipstick Buying Guide

Matte lipstick is in trend and looks modest on any skin type, adding to your elegance and beauty. If glossy lipsticks are not your cup of tea, knowing how to wear matte lipstick would help you. Find out how it is to be done perfectly!

Get your pout ready

Matte lipstick unlike glossy ones, shows off any flaws on your lips. So make your lips ready by exfoliating the dead and dried skin cells. For getting rid of peeling skin on lips; use a lip scrub using sugar and honey to gently massage through the lips for at least a couple of minutes. Finally, ri..

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Oily Skin? Make Your Makeup Lasts Long

Oily skin is a boon in many ways, but certainly comes with its obvious downsides too. Make-up on oily skin would practically be very challenging as beauty experts say. Looking great on make-up when you have oily skin particularly on summer months would be daunting. If you have oily skin and would like to wear makeup while weather is hot, follow these simple tips to make your make-up last long.


No matter the type of make-up you would like to apply, make sure that you do it on clear skin. Steer clear oil from your skin, so clean your face f..

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Women’s Turtleneck Buying Guide

Turtleneck are one among the versatile tops that can be easily found in different styles. But before you buy, it is better to know the different types of turtleneck sweaters. It would help you choosing the best types and fabrics that matches with your personal style. Turtleneck sweaters get its name from its collar as it simply resonates a turtle’s neck. The long collar that extends around the neck resembles that of the neck of a turtle.

Turtlenecks have been popular from 1920s, but it became a common during 60s in women’s fashion while it still enjoys a special place in men’s fashion. Women’s turtlenecks come in different types for varied purposes. Let’s b..

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Women’s Wide-Leg Pants in Fashion

Who said skinnies are on-trend? Wide-leg pants makes a strong comeback. This time, wide-leg pants rules the roost. The ultra-wide-leg pants the best thing in women’s fashion and if you have not tried it yet, now is the time. The wide-leg pants fashion is blossoming right now in women’s fashion. Check out the different ways to combine wide-leg pants with matching outfits here.

Neutral colors

If you are planning to wear it for the first time after a while, buy wide-leg pants in neutral colors such as black, beige, and navy. Start with light colors th..

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Gym Bag Essentials for Fitness Freaks

Do you recently joined the club of fitness freaks? Or are you planning to join a fitness centre? But, there are some wardrobe prerequisites that you need to consider before you hit the gym. Let’s take a look at the list of gym wardrobe essentials that make your fitness and workout plans much easier.

Workout Trainers

Your choice of shoes should invariably depend on the type of workouts you are planning to do. If you are interested in heavy training, use flat but solid shoes that is free from compressing while you hold heavy weight. Or if you are in..

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Women’s Suit Jacket Buying Guide

Suit jackets for women should look elegant and adorable. Suit jackets come in different style with suit sets, in different materials, colors and sleeve lengths. Based on the occasions and the purpose, one should choose the most appropriate suits that best support the needs. No matter the purpose, there are certain features that should be promptly looked into while buying suit jackets. Here is a guide to buying women’s suit jackets.

Proper fit

The first and foremost thing that should be considered is the fit. You should choose the suit jacket never ..

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6 Best Ways to Wear Citrus Yellow Color

Citrus neon, acid yellow is the new color trend of the season in women’s fashion. It is easy to make an uber cool statement in citrus yellow; at the same time it can break the impression if not done right. If you are madly in love with citrus yellow, here are some tips to dress it right without overdoing.

Moderation is the key

When citrus neon is the color, keep it simple particularly if you are planning for a day out. Citrus yellow works best in modesty. But adding a bit of color to your citrus yellow during an event is acceptable- bright clutches..

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Women’s Sweater Style Combinations

Want to match your sweater dress with outfits? You have plenty of options for combining warm sweater dresses. Look trendy this season while keeping you warm in winter sweater dresses. Here is a guide on pairing sweater dress with other common outfits and fashion accessories.

Layered style

It is easy to get that embellished look on sweaters if you layer it with matching attire. Use a scarf, collar shirt or a blazer over your sweater dress to make it look elegant. But make sure that it should not be fitting closely to your body since the sweater itse..

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7 Fundamental Outfits for All Occasions

Ever thought about owning the staples in dress? Do you ever felt like wardrobe staples are elusive? Then you have come to the right place; here we deal about the most significant wardrobe staples for women. Having a collection of staples at your disposal does mean that you are well-set for all events, particularly if you are a person who is engaged 24X7. So, get your wardrobe ready for all occasions. Let’s check it out what needs to be done.

1. White button down

A must have, often used as business dress code, white button down makes a wardrobe stap..

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Bright Colors Are Season’s Trend

Are you ready to take the challenge; wearing bright hued outfits? Mixing the right color for outfit is tricky. If matched wrongly, you may look dull, though color blocking is another option. But knowing the right combos that works help you tackle the challenge while choosing bright colored outfits. Here are a few tips that get your bright color palette in outfits look amazingly awesome.

Jewel tones

Don’t you noticed that the all-lively jewel color tones connect each other so well? When you are all set to wear bright colored dresses choose jewel to..

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Four Considerations on Buying Flat Iron

Flat irons are hairstyling tools that can be used on an everyday basis. So, splurging on flat iron should be made wisely. And a mediocre product can do the damage before you could find the remedy. Filter your choices based on your needs, hair type, types of flat irons available and many more. Let’s see what needs to be considered while buying flat irons.

Hair type

Before you hit the store, determine your hair type-fine or coarse. Fine hair requires rather less heat to straighten while thick hair due its roughness are difficult to straighten and if ..

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Women’s Clogs Buying Guide

Clogs are women’s shoes designed with closed toes and open heels, mostly a fashion footwear trend during the 70s. But it’s making a comeback since has the magical ability to transform outfit instantly. Since they are a bit bulkier with high wooden heels, they are show stoppers and the best part is that they can be worn with all types of outfits through all seasons.

Since they offer foot support than other standard shoes, clogs are found better for those who spend most of their time on foot. And a better try for those who have wider feet as clogs come with a wide closed toes. Let’s start with the types of clogs and then to the details on how to buy these ea..

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