Best Clothing Colors For Every Woman

Though it is generally presumed that colors for outfits always relate to the skin tone, certain colors do accentuate your look, no matter your skin’s undertone. Here we discuss a few clothing colors that can be easily flaunt by every woman. Let’s check it out!

If you are baffled on choosing colors that make you look gorgeous, invest on these staple colors to begin your trouble-free day. You do not need to search through your wardrobe, on a busy morning to find the most appropriate color that enhances your look. And the best part is that it is easy to mix and match these colors and provide absolute balance between cool and warm undertones.

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Summer Dress Codes For Men

Have you ever felt dressing for summer makes you left with no choices? But knowing the best outfits that suit summer weather takes care of your summer clothing woes. You cannot succumb to sartorial flaws giving the excuse that mercury is rising. Read on these summer style guide to keep your cool while looking perfectly smart in your weather friendly outfit.

1. Summer Casual wear

Polo shirts and chinos relate to summer fashion. Short sleeve or long sleeved, patterned or striped polo shirts are popular choices during summer. Light weight, summer frie..

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Pinstripe suits In Men’s fashion

Pinstripe suits unlike in the past are considered as a part of men’s formal wear. Earlier, though it has been used by business professionals, there is a shift popularized by fashion-forward people making pinstripe suits an MVP in men’s formal dress. However, if you are new to this patterned suit style, we have a few tips to overcome your sartorial woes while adopting this special elegant pinstripe suit.

1. Combination matters!

Don’t fret if you are ignorant on how to match up the pinstripe suit with the rest of your outfit. The rule of thumb says ..

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5 Innovative Ways To Store Your Shoes

You just love shoes and have a big collection on a variety of shoes-oxfords, brogues, sneakers, loafers, athletic shoes, trainers and a lot more. And you are in the habit of amassing many more shoes as and when you could buy. When you have plenty of shoes that exceeds your wardrobe capacity, you would be thinking about storage woes that come along with the additions to the shoe wealth. But here we talk in detail about how to make use of your available space or finding easy ways to cater to the shoe storage requirements. The basic approach is to categorize your shoes to make use of the available storage. Read these tips to find the hassle-free way to store your shoes spic and span.

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Guide To Buying Stylish Women’s Gilets

Ever enticed by this remarkably fabulous waistcoat? Gilets are sleeveless coat made usually out of silk, velvet and brocade material. In the earlier centuries it has been worn purely for the purpose of style and fashion, but gilets serve functional purpose as well. Gilets are used as winter coats for giving warmth and protection from cold weather.

Let’s acquaint with the commonly used fabric material, the types of gilets that are available in the shops. Knowing each materials’ purpose and its types would help you buy the right kind of gilets.

1. Fabric..

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Top All-time Favorite Women’s Wardrobe Staples

Fashion changes, but certain wardrobe staples stand the test of time. The change in styles happen quite fast and you might be surprised to see the drift one trend to another. Rather than blindly following fashion trends that do not last long, if you really want to add to the wealth of wardrobe, go for shopping on clothing essentials that are timeless and adaptable. No matter the season and trends, these unique wardrobe staples serve as a real clothing asset in your wardrobe. Invest on the wardrobe essentials that never goes out of style! Let’s take a look at these wardrobe staples for women.

1. Denim Jacket

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What Needs To be Taken Care of While Matching Accessories

Accessories complement your outfits, no matter the wardrobe choices you prefer. How to amp up your look in accessories is a matter of knowing what is just apt for each situation and outfit. Here is a guide to look great while matching up your outfit with accessories. Consider these factors before you accessorize!

1. Styles in outfits

You need to check if you are wearing patterns or solid color apparels. The choice of accessories depends on outfit styles. If you have a patterned dress, always go for simple accessories. When accessories steal the sho..

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The Gentleman’s Guide to Jewelry

It’s not at all easy to accessorize with jewelry when you are a beginner in particular. What is ideal and what exceeds the standard should be known prior to wearing jewelry. Before we go select the accessories, it is better to know what comes under men’s accessories. From watches to rings, tie bars, cuff links, chains, bracelets and ear rings, accessories add to the impression of an outfit and appearance altogether. If you are not confident in getting it right, you should not be wearing the aforesaid jewelry at the same time as it would appear very appalling. But worry not, you can make use of these tips and gather confidence to flaunt the jewelry style just like the way you want, without going overboard.

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5 Simple Ways to Wear Bold Suits

You know how to be stylish in common suit colors in neutrals- You have navy blue, grey and khaki suits. But how about pulling a bold color suit? Can’t imagine? Don’t think you cannot. But all you need is to read these unique tips to grab the attention with bold suits. Check it out now and next time, be prepared to wear bold suits, confidently. Follow these simple basic demeanor/requirements to keep your bold suits style on a high.

1. Rich colors but not so glowy

Make sure that you have the bold colors such as forest green, cobalt blue and so on. Av..

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Women’s Guide To Wearing Plaid

There is no such pattern that pronounces as bold as a plaid. Considered as 200 percent smart and staple outfit style among millions of fashionistas, plaid continues to rock the patterned outfits’ world. A great add-on for casual outfits, let’s talk about a few creative ways to flaunt plaid. So let’s go!

1. Styling tips

Though there are no hard and fast rules for wearing plaid, nevertheless if you could, follow these unwritten rules while wearing plaid. It is always wise to wear a single plaid outfit at a time. Nobody wants to look boring by wearing..

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Guide to Women’s Summer Travel Outfits

Summer holidays are here again! The best time of a year to make the travel plans into a reality, be prepared for the big dream of landing in your dream destination. So, the biggest concern would be packing the necessities would be outfits. If summer is the time, you have to get the best travel friendly summer dress. Here we unlock a few friendly travel outfits and accessories for women to make your trip more comfortable during summer.

1. Shirtdress

White shirtdress just resonates with summer and makes perfect choice as a summer outfit. Shirtdress a..

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How To Clean Your Necktie

A tie accentuates your formal style, provides the right kind of professionalism in you. And more importantly, it adds to the flexibility of an outfit, allowing you to mix and match shirts and suits flawlessly. Every change in knot would make it appear new to enhance the versatility of the ensemble. Taking care of your ties make it last long and here are a few ways to give the best care for the versatile accessory that gives formal suits a classy feel of its own.

Cleaning ties

As opposed to regular clothing, it is wise to clean tie when they seem co..

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Camping Wardrobe Essentials for Men

Camping is a great way to unwind; a wonderful way to spend time outdoors. To make the most of it, carry the right camping essentials with you to avoid the last minute hassles. You need some basic gears like a tent/shelter, sleeping bag, camp bedding, lights, and camp kitchen essentials. Prepare yourself with the right clothing essentials for a perfect time outdoors.

1. Layering Outfits

When it comes to clothing essentials, you need to wear outfits in layers. Base layer clothing should be of breathable material and insulating layer should be worn ab..

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OnePlus 5- Is It Worth The Money

Though rumors are around that OnePlus 5 just looks similar to its sibling, OnePlus 3T, the device comes with flagship specs! A stellar performer, barring the design part, OnePlus 5 is one among the best phones available in the market recently. OnePlus 5 has launched two versions: a base model coming with 64 GB onboard storage/6GB RAM and a much sophisticated phone with 128 GB of internal storage alongside 8GB RAM. Here we unfold a few significant features/specs that makes it to rule the roost in smartphone market.


Albeit, OnePlus 5 has been ..

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Your Guide to Gentlemen’s Wallets

The quintessential part of every man’s accessories list, wallets hold cards, money, driving license and so on. Today, wallets offer many other features with money clips, pocket clips in different sizes, shapes, colors and materials. Here we go in detail about the type of wallets.

Men’s wallets are of different types, but you should be buying wallets based on your needs, though while at the same time without compromising the style component. So before you go shopping for wallets, check out these basic wallet types that comes with style and functionality.


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HTC U11- Smarter Way To Interact With Your Phone

Looking for a new way of interaction with your phone? Then HTC U11 should be your choice! The global mobile phone brand has introduced the novel idea of interaction by squeezing the pressure sensitive areas surrounding the sides of the device to implement the desired actions. It’s the ‘Edge Sense’ as HTC calls it. Albeit this special feature for interaction, HTC has not ditched these buttons- volume rocker, power button and fingerprint sensor.

A lot of apps can be launched with the new interactive functionality in U11- Camera, Wi-Fi hotspot, Facebook, Twitter and so on. And you can control the squeeze to not perform the desired actions while setting up. The..

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Men’s Guide To Go Sockless

Rocking the sockless style is cool, classic statement for guys! Think about wearing sockless shoe style, instead of flip flops this summer. And in particular, if you are in the habit of wearing shoes 24X7, it might be difficult to switch to flip flops or sandals. So, popularize your shoe style, even during the not so friendly scorching weather, but apparently without the socks. Here are some tips on how you are going to rock the sockless style flawlessly.

1. Knowing the right occasion

Sockless style does not suit all occasions, though. Before y..

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Summer Shoes Every Man Should Own

We are all concerned about the summer attire, but do we ever made a thought on the shoe styles that is fitting for summer? Forget about sandals and flip flops, summer is the time to shop for a handful of weather friendly shoes. Here is a guide to men’s summer shoes that are stylish and functional but at the same time best suits with the season’s attire.

1.Boat shoes

Think summer, think of boat shoes! These classic pair of shoes is in-trend during summer as they can be put on without socks. Sock-free style is advised if you prefer to flaunt shoes ..

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Men’s long sleeve casual shirts

Long sleeved shirt, the most adaptable of the outfits has a place in both men’s formal and casual fashion. If you find that formal full sleeved shirts are boring and dull, then go for some tweaks for an immediate make over. Roll the sleeves up and get ready to show off the casual style in printed, denim, plaid and oxford shirts.

1. Printed

If you have bored wearing plain shirts, excite yourself with patterns after office hours. Personal preference rules while buying checkered to graphic shirts, printed shirts transforms the casual appearance insta..

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How to Wear a White Shirt

White shirt, one among the fashion staples in men’s wardrobe can be worn in many ways with different outfit combinations. And the most easiest and elegant to create a unique style, white shirt remains as an evergreen favorite among dedicated followers of fashion. In fact, white shirts are not so formal, as many would think they are. It can be worn as casual wear as you have limitless ways to flaunt the white shirt. Here is how you do it right.

1. Classic style

Make it simple by pairing your white shirt with a black, blue or grey tie along with a pa..

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