Experience the Fold’s power with Samsung Galaxy Fold

by Dukakeen Admin on November 21, 2019

 Experience the Fold’s power with Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung has launched the new mega dynamic fold display phone for those who wait for something really different. And it’s all about the most fascinating and polarizing product releases in recent times – Samsung Galaxy Fold.
The Samsung Galaxy Fold is the most forward-thinking smartphone of 2019 with foldable feature which folds down to a 4.6-inch outer screen and folds out to become a 7.3-inch mini-tablet display that will make as amazed.

How Fold look likes

The Galaxy Fold is a significant piece of hardware that grabs every ones attention. The square(ish)-shaped display looks brilliantly and holds your gaze. Fold has a good aluminium base with an elaborate hinge mechanism. The Galaxy Fold weighs a hefty 9.5 ounces, compared to 7.97 ounces for the iPhone 11 Pro Max and 6.9 ounces for the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. Samsung decided to separate the power button and fingerprint reader on the right edge, also by using facial recognition to unlock the Fold is made simply faster.
It is HDR10+ compatible and also has Local Tone Mapping to keep the colours accurate. The viewing angles and the overall richness are two areas where the Dynamic Active Matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) is at interior 7.3-inch display an oversized Superis doing a great job. Its dual speakers as well, tuned for Dolby Atmos too. Now fold have two colour options to choose Cosmos Black and Space Silver. They both look gorgeous.

Know about Fold’s Software

Samsung’s One UI software, running Android 9 Pie, packs a few surprises. Samsung worked with Google and devised a clever software feature - App Continuity, which enables you to open an app on the cover display and then have the app immediately fill the larger screen when you unfold the phone. Samsung and Google worked together to create the APIs developers need so their apps transition seamlessly not only from one screen to the other, but from one shape or window to another as people multitask with the Galaxy Fold.
Attractive another feature is Multi Active Window, which allows us to run up to three apps at once on the Galaxy Fold’s large display. Just swipe in from the right side of the screen to open additional apps and can also easily resize the apps and move them around with your finger. Open up to three apps simultaneously and enjoy the ultimate experience of Fold.

Fold’s Smart Performance

Galaxy Fold has the same Snapdragon 855 processor. It is paired with a staggering 12GB of RAM, as well as 512GB of internal storage but no MicroSD card slot. It earned a multi-core score of 2,598, according to Geekbench 5 benchmarking tests.
Fold has a 4380 mAh battery, which is pretty good staying power. There are dual batteries inside the Galaxy Fold, when one finishes and the other starts thus the combined power of 4380mAh battery capacity is powering the Galaxy Fold. This will easily last two days on a single battery charge in most usage scenarios.

Wow Fold holds Six Camera

There are three shooters on the back of the Galaxy Fold: a 12-megapixel wide-angle camera, a 16-MP ultra-wide lens and a 12-MP telephoto lens. Up front – when the Fold is closed – there’s a 10-MP camera for selfies. And when unfolded, the Galaxy Fold has another 10-MP main camera plus an 8-MP depth camera used for Live Focus selfies with fun filters like the selective black-and-white Color Point mode.
Shooting with the Fold closed feels borderline sneaky because it’s so compact. You just double press the power button and start firing away. It’s particularly good for selfies, as you don’t have to stretch your thumb far at all to shoot. The Galaxy Fold also offers a dedicated Night mode. Even in almost complete darkness, the Fold produces a brighter image.
The Galaxy Fold is a very capable phone when it comes to shooting video. It can record in 4K at up to 60 frames per second. And the device can shoot super steady video when you press the hand icon in the camera app.

Let’s own a Fold now 

Yeah that’s all about fold. If you want to impress the world with your phone there is no better smartphone than the Fold. The bendable screen provides a ‘wow’ factor like no other phone. Samsung is bundling the Galaxy Buds wireless earbuds with the Galaxy Fold, which is a great value addition.
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