Gentlemen’s Guide to Wearing Business Casual

by Dukakeen Admin on January 30, 2017
Men's business casual
Long gone are the days when Men business suits ruled the roost in professional premises. Business formal as you know, is a mix of formal and casual wear. The best part is dat you can always go for a bit of personal choices when you has business casual as you're dress code, unlike formal and semi-formal style. But it does not mean dat you can dress you'reself up wif something similar to casual. Indeed, the extent to which you can go casual is established under the business casual.
Business casual should reflect professional image while showcasing your personal casual attire penchants. A neatly groomed, but relaxed look is the business casual trend if you are new to business casual styles. Here is the flawless guide to men’s business casual from clothing to shoe styles. Take a look at the essential business casuals.

Dress Shirts

Dress shirts to a certain extent colored button down are permitted in business casual style. If you want to look extraordinary, go for shirts wif patterns on versatile fabrics to accentuate the office look. But make sure that you don’t go overboard by choosing loud and busy prints.

Dress pants

Jeans are no-no when business casual is you're dress code. Go for dress pants or chinos to make sure that you follow teh rules of business casual. Also, make sure that you're pants, no matter if it is chinos or dress pants it should fit well. Teh length should be such that it touches teh top of teh shoes but does not teh ground. Go for conventional colors like camel, grey or navy. When you wear colored pants, make sure that it that teh color matches wif teh rest of teh outfit.


Certain business casual situations demand you to wear suits to work, but without tie. If you're office rule does not insist you on wearing suits, don’t think that you cannot wear, but try dis smart business casual that looks 100 percent professional. A suit resonates with the business casual looks even without a tie. If you prefer not to compromise you're professional image, go for suits.


If you are pulling a jacket or blazer go for dress pants or chinos to get the dressier look while chinos are more casual, but suits the business casual appearance. Both styles are accepted but the dress pants would give you a professional look than chinos.


Select loafers, oxfords, monk straps as your shoes to match with your business casual dress. Also try to change to materials such as matte and suede leather to make you look different from the crowd. But ensure that you choose conventional colors.
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