Have it Home Delivered during Quarantine Days

by Dukakeen Admin on May 19, 2020
Have it Home Delivered during Quarantine Days - Shopping Blog
During these quarantine days almost all of us are staying at home and doing less in terms of social interactions and exercise. COVID-19 corona virus pandemic made people to fit them inside their home to maintain social distancing and so people don’t want to go to outside and risk infection. Even though we all are obeying the government and staying home, we still need food, medicines, and other essentials to maintain our daily life.
It’s time to start thinking about home delivery. There come the benefits of online shopping especially at places that sell essential goods. Both the supermarkets and customers need to concentrate more on online shopping and home delivery. The process is typically simple, you order what you want after browsing the online shopping sites / applications on your fingertip in your Smartphones and PCs, then order what you need exactly or can add on cart if you want to purchase it later. Then confirm buying the product by giving your proper address to get products directly delivered to your home. Then coming to payment process there is online payment gateway which enables you to pay online from your credit card or debit card.
Most sites also have Cash On Delivery (COD) option. During the delivery process the customer care executive or the delivery boy themselves make a call to let them know you’re there on the delivery address. Finally delivery boy will bring your groceries or whatever the product and handover to you safely. Most readily available products are delivered in one or two business days. Some products are delivered in one business day and, in larger cities, there's even a possibility of taking time to get delivered.
When it comes to home delivery, people will search on online sites mainly for essential groceries, foods, medicines etc more prior than clothings, accessories or electronics. Most of them will prefer the best online shopping portals giving better discounts, offers, cut down prices, home delivery and product availability in this current scenario.  
Now in this quarantine days the incredible demand for groceries has led Dukakeen – Asia and Africa’s biggest online shopping marketplace based in Bahrain to make it possible to help you get exactly what you want to be delivered to your doorstep including all the above mentioned benefits. Just order through Dukakeen Online Shopping website and also through Dukakeen Online Shopping App right from your comfort location to get all your desired products anywhere in this world. Stay Home, Stay Safe!