Six Style Tips For Skinny Girls

by Dukakeen Admin on March 25, 2016
Fashion style tips for skinny girls
It is often said that being too skinny is considered a boon, better than a curvy body frame. Mostly for the reason that lean figures rock the ramp and girls are prejudiced in this regard. It is true that skinny girls can adopt a number of styles, meanwhile stylists say that there are some specific fashion apropos for slim figures. Here we unfold the trends in jeans fashion for skinny girls and read on to break your apprehensions and common perceptions.

Snug fit clothes

When you are extremely slender, it would be hard to find clothes that fit your size. But no worries though, you can get it tailored and customized according to your needs. Ask your tailor to stylize clothes to your fit to suit your slim body frame.

Focus on details and elements

Contrary to the popular belief, not all styles do not suit skinny girls. Almost all fashion and garment styles work well on curvy figures. However, there are some tips and tricks to save skinny girls from embarrassment when it comes to clothing. And peplum tops are in vogue to enhance curves. Add frills and other necessary elements to make your slim figure look curvier.

Avoid loose-fitting clothes

You might think that loose fitting clothes adds to your shape, then you are wrong. You cannot conceal your dearth of weight by means of baggy clothes, you only look odd. Nobody is going to buy it and be ready to face the embarrassment on the face of the onlookers if you decide to put on loose-fitting clothes to look a bit bulky.

Work out a style for your tops

Believe me, you need to select tops that work best on you. If you think about hiding your slender body frame you might settle with batwing sleeves and strapless tops. But it only does harm than good. Go for ruffle top, obviously to your perfect fit and add pockets to cover your slender body frame.

Be watchful while choosing jeans

Needless to say, the vote goes to skinny jeans. However, if you are extremely skinny type, better go for bootleg style perfect fit jeans to get the extra width toward the feet. And it does suit tall and lanky women with long legs. Wear it along with boots, wedges, shoes or wooden clogs. Meanwhile fashion stylist do not recommend a boyfriend cut as it is baggy in appearance and only make you look like you are wearing a loose-fitting jeans.

Do not rule out quaint fashion

Thanks to the flapper dresses, skinny girls can flatter your natural frame with its very straight and loose cuts. Empire waist simply looks adorning on skinny body frame. You can also choose a 1960 inspired mini dress or anything that fits well with your skinny or boot cut jeans. Flapper dresses resonate pure feminine style though it is categorized under vintage fashion.
Keep in mind that you should not choose clothes that swamp your style. While you mull over the odds of finding perfect clothing ensemble, no matter if you are skinny or curvy, there are challenges along the way.
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