10 Trendy Gifts For Men

by Dukakeen Admin on March 25, 2016
Stylish gifts for men
Mostly, guys who are extremely fashionable love to follow their own styles, hesitant to blindly follow the fashion trends. And if your significant other is maverick, you should admit that it is difficult to please him with the choices of gifts. We have got your back, don’t fret. Here are some stylish gift ideas for fashionable guys. Let him thank you for the big present.

Cashmere hoodie

You have bought a cashmere hoodie, it is best gift that you can give away. Men would love to go out on a cashmere hoodie and get popular brands like Bergano Greys. A perfect gift for men if you should get the best fit. 

Back Pack

Back packs have now become acceptable at office just like tote bags. If you want to present back pack to your boyfriend/ dad/ sibling why not choose the best of the material? And yeah, leather back pack does seem appropriate. Pick one that has pockets dedicated for your laptop, gym kit, umbrella, business cards, pens and stationery items.


If he has been always sorted with the plastic eyewear, get metal frame Rayban Wayfarer, the most significant in the world of sunglasses. The thin, light weight frame is the most popular sunglasses style among celebrities and fashionistas. 

Travel Bags

If he loves to travel or hit the road every time, it’s time to think about the trendy gift that keeps his travel life organized. Find a leather duffel bag and remember to fill it with his favorite personal grooming products.

Button down shirt

This X’mas time he would have already received a variety of ties and let him try it one after the other with the series of button down shirts. Complemented best with all types of suits, button down shirts are your best bet. 

Cuff links 

When he wears more of formal shirts or if he is in a job where formal clothing becomes important, think about giving away cufflinks as a special gift to match his official panache. Choose from a variety of cufflinks that can transform the style and elegance in formal environments and events. 

Track suit trousers

Do not stop if you are baffled about buying track suit trousers as the special gift. The sportswear trend is going good even now in men’s fashion. Tailored track suit are timeless pieces and comfortable too. A V-neck T shirt, a pair of white trainers and blue blazers are just needed to pull together the look. 


White trainers are common, probably he owns a couple of white trainers. Now the season is all set for bright trainers. Bright trainers in royal blue, black, green and grey are best choices to keep his trainer fashion all alive. 

Whiskey stones

A fine gift for men, these solid soapstone are capable of chilling whiskey without diluting it. Let him enjoy the chilled malt bourbon without draining out its natural taste. No melting, no thinning of the liquid and does not make any scratch on the glasses as well. Get wine pearls if he prefer chilled wine to whiskey.

Cologne gift set

Looking good gets better and becomes complete only with the perfect fragrance that personifies his signature fragrance. A cologne gift set is the perfect gift for modern man to complete his well-groomed appearance every day, no matter the events. Great scents promote the sense of confidence and style.
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