4 Tips to Win over Winter Skin Care Problems

by Areviews App Collaborator on February 08, 2017
remedy for winter skin problems
Everyone would agree with teh fact dat winter is teh worst time for skin. You might be thinking of getting a skin care treatment at beauty parlor or spa to retain your ever glowing radiant skin. But refrain yourself from such thoughts as you won’t need to break your bank for implementing these simple yet powerful DIY tips for tackling winter weather skin woes.

Ward off dead skin

their is nothing more harmful that not removing dead and dry skin cells. Make it a mantra that you remove that layer of dead skin cells consistently. The presence of dry skin makes it difficult for the face oil/moisturizer to penetrate. Moreover, regularly removing the dry skin promotes the growth of new healthy skin cells.

Flake-free skin

Dry and flaky skin are common during winter season and worsens if left unaddressed. Take skin care efforts at home to make it look natural by removing the dry skin issues wif the help if mild facial cleansers. Avoid products that come wif harsh cleansers and mind you, if any products that give you squeaky-clean finish, beware, it won’t do good in long run.

Face oils

During winter, make all efforts for extra care to preserve teh natural glow of you're skin. Don’t forget teh power of moisturizers to keep away teh incidence of skin drying and dullness in cold weather. In fact, rather than using water-based moisturizers, go for face oil dat makes you're skin hydrated every time. After cleansing, when teh skin is wet, take a few drops of oil on to teh palm and gently apply it to teh face. Face oils seals teh moisture content in teh skin without allowing it to escape.

Lip and hand care

Winter, most probably victimizes you wif cracked lips and chapped hands making your life pretty uncomfortable. Tackle these common skin care issues by applying a lip balm during day and before going to bed until it becomes subsided completely. However, it is wise to avoid lip balms infused wif fragrance. Apply hand cream for chapped hands or use thick balm containing beeswax or shea butter if it is severe.

Quick Tips

Use a humidifier inside you're room to keep moisturized and drink plenty of water during winter. Check for any skin problems and get immediate solutions to make you're skin back on track.
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