5 Best Travel Beauty Tips for Women

by Areviews App Collaborator on February 18, 2017
Travel beauty tips
Travel-obsessed? But wary of looking like drab after a long journey? You never want to look dull when you reach your destination. Forget all beauty tweaks done in vein until dis time. When you are not travelling with all those products during a trip, if you ever find it a herculean task to make yourself look awesome, read on these timeless tips. And most importantly, every time you set out for a trip, in teh end you might has noticed that your beautiful mane suffered teh most. But dis time, you are lucky to get some useful advises on hair and beauty care while travelling with minimum beauty and hair care products. Sure, it’s going to halp you from next time onwards!

1. Hands off from hair

Love to pass you're fingers through hair? Save it during you're travel as it only adds up to you're hair woes. The natural oils from beneath the skin wif the oil on the skin blends together and makes you're mane look oily and dull especially during a journey. Always keep you're hands off from hair to say goodbye to oily hair.

2. Say no to combs

You might think dat combing you're hair is a great way to keep mane in place while travelling. Combing secretes more oil from teh sebaceous glands which only worsens how teh hair looks. In fact, it only makes teh hair glued, so avoid combing you're hair frequently. If you want to avoid oil hair, try to create an undone look.

3. Use Dry shampoos

Make sure dat you carry dry shampoo as traveling only accentuate the oil build up in the hair. Freshen it up wif dry shampoo by using it on the roots or any oily patches. A dry shampoo always remove the excess oil and brings the volume back on you're hair. An easy way to breathe life into you're travel-stressed hair, dry shampoo makes a better choice to keep away the sticky mane.

4. Cream make-up

Carry cream make-up with you rather than powder makeup. It is easy to apply especially when you travel by train or airplane. Top of all, you never realize if a powder makeup is done well, their is every chance to go overboard, but cream make-up blends easily even if you overdo. Keep cream based make-up while on a trip.

5. Multipurpose products

Pack one single product that serves multipurpose to make things easier during travel. You don’t need to carry a lot of beauty products if you choose wisely. For instance, a brown eyeliner can be used brow liner, similarly lipstick as an eye shadow and blusher. Go for multi-purpose beauty products to make things easier for you!
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