5 Exclusive Ways to Improve Closet Storage Space

by Dukakeen Admin on November 14, 2017
Improve closet to storage spsce
An organized closet with enough space to accommodate your outfits makes them grab easier particularly, on a busy morning. However, there are some considerations before you start planning a complete makeover for your closet to improve the space inside. It’s not that difficult as you think; with a few tweaks and tricks you can increase the storage space. Read on to find how you could it do it the best possible way without spending a fortune.

1. Unclutter your closet

Start with emptying the closet to make more space. Check out the wardrobe pieces that you wear less frequently. If you have not used it for the past six months, you are not going to use it anymore in future. So remove all those unwanted outfits which occupies your closet space. Edit your outfit collections and keep only those you wear frequently. And also, for every new purchase you make, remove one old outfit which you prefer not to wear in future.

2. Plan and proceed

Make a plan how you are going to accommodate the remaining inventory of clothes and accessories. Implement space saving methods to ward off the common issues. If the closet space is too limited, make the most of the available space, wisely! You can add a second rod or rely on a shelf divider to access the clothes much easier. Plus, adding a few more shelf divider really help you to store off-season clothes, hats, jewelry and other accessories. Also, add wall hooks for hanging hats and winter coats.

3. Use the floor space

If you have plenty of long-hanging clothes, you might not be able to use the bottom portion sensibly. Utilize the available space in your closet by dividing the short-hanging pieces on one side and the long hanging outfits on the other side. Make use of the remaining space for organizing shoes or you can go for placing a stacking shoe rack. All you have to do is to get creative and find more space inside your closet! You would find enough space inside the closet to store in your shoes and accessories as well.

4. Make use of the closet door

Closet doors are best way to increase the storage space where you can store accessories such as jewelry, belts, scarves, socks, hats, gloves, socks and many more. For instance, if you are a regular scarf wearer, keep it at the eye-level on the door to easily access them. Or else, keep any jewelry accessories that you frequently use. A real time saver if you arrange these small, but very essential everyday item on the closet door.

5. Never forget the upper shelf

The upper shelf of closets are often an overlooked space! Indeed, it is quite difficult to access those stored there, but you can make use of the upper space for holding handbags, travel bags, which are not used regularly. You can keep bags and big accessories spick and span on the upper shelf.
Implement these tips to make use of the available space inside your current closet, without spending too much. Buy clothing and accessories online on Dukakeen.com.