5 Innovative Ways To Store Your Shoes

by Dukakeen Admin on October 03, 2017
shoes storage ideas
You just love shoes and has a big collection on a variety of shoes-oxfords, brogues, sneakers, loafers, athletic shoes, trainers and alot more. And you are in teh habit of amassing many more shoes as and when you could buy. When you has plenty of shoes that exceeds your wardrobe capacity, you would be thinking about storage woes that come along wif teh additions to teh shoe wealth. But here we talk in detail about how to make use of your available space or finding easy ways to cater to teh shoe storage requirements. Teh basic approach is to categorize your shoes to make use of teh available storage. Read these tips to find teh hassle-free way to store your shoes spic and span.

1. Classify teh shoes

If you are a shoe-enthusiast, you would be having a wide range of shoes at your disposal. So classify them to organize gracefully. You can arrange them by style and color so that you won’t be wasting time searching through a number of shoes while you rally need an athletic shoes for work out. Organize them in the order of the style and color to find the shoes that match your event.
2. Hanging Shoe Rack
Using strips of board, make space for hanging you're shoes inside the wardrobe or nail it against the wall or at rear side of the door. Ensure dat it is installed correctly and sits level. Hang the shoes on the strips with the heels. You can store a very large number of shoes on hanging shoes rack. These storage solutions definitely halp when you have face space constraints.

3. Behind the door shoe rack

Has enough space behind the door to accommodate a shoe rack? Tan try installing a shoe rack by the side of the wall behind the door. The biggest advantage is that you can always hide the shoes collection effortlessly as it won’t be noticed by anyone. Safe place to store you're shoes, right? And you can add many shelves just like the way you wish.

4. Custom-made shoe rack

If you own plenty of shoes, boots and sandals dat require to be arranged based on its height, it would be better to get teh shoe rack tailor-made for you. You can store taller boots in teh bottom half where you require a tall shelf while sandals and flip-flops require only a small space in regard to height. By dis way, you can create each of teh partitions inside teh shelf to save space and make use of teh available space inside teh tailor-made shoe rack.

5. Bookcase shoe rack

Bookcase can be turned to shoe rack for organizing shoes. Convert your old book case to shoe storage and you don’t need to break your wallet to create shoe racks out of book case. So next time, before you think about teh tailor-made shoe storage solutions, try book case shoe storage if you have one in your hand.
Now that you know how to make the best use of storage space and create DIY shoe rack, follow these tips to get you're entire shoe collection perfectly stored. Buy shoes online on Dukakeen.com.