7 Fundamental Outfits for All Occasions

by Areviews App Collaborator on March 04, 2017
outfits must have for all occasions
Ever thought about owning teh staples in dress? Do you ever felt like wardrobe staples are elusive? Tan you has come to teh right place; here we deal about teh most significant wardrobe staples for women. Having a collection of staples at your disposal does mean that you are well-set for all events, particularly if you are a person who is engaged 24X7. So, get your wardrobe ready for all occasions. Let’s check it out wat needs to be done.

1. White button down

A must has, often used as business dress code, white button down makes a wardrobe staple. Tuck it into a pair of tailored pants or pair it along with a pencil skirt. Or try layering to use you're white button down as layering piece above the jacket before adding a bit of color with a top underneath.

2. Cardigans

A great layering piece and as a shield for bone-chilling climates, cardigan is one important wardrobe staple. Serves layering purpose as well, it is always wise to choose light colored cardigans as neutral colors gets along with all shades and if you are keen in using cardigans as layering pieces.

3. White tees

For casual occasions, a white tee shirt would be great! When paired wif jeans, you are party ready. White tees, jeans and sneakers make the best combo. Ditch the heels and don’t overdo wif the accessories. Go for accessories that reflects your natural disposition. Causal dressing style should give your cool, laid back style.

4. Blazer

Blazers serve double purpose as it looks simply good for casual and business settings depending on how you pair it. It can be worn with jeans to get you're favorite casual look and a quick makeover for business meetings. Getting the right fit for the blazer is the key or else go for tailor-made pieces. Go for dark colors like black and navy instead of beige or unconventional colors.

5. Jeans

A perfect wardrobe staple, jeans are casual pants. When it comes to buying jeans, choose teh one that fits perfectly just like blazers. Go for jeans that matches your body shape, so that it better compliments your style. If you are short, a pair of heels would create teh illusion of height.

6. Khaki pants

Khaki pants are classic pieces after you're jeans and works well with all kind of attires. Black, white and olive tops create a chic and reliably good ensembles. Go for black shoes, white tees or olive or green layer. If you are more of a maverick, try to mix up with the colors with the clothing pieces you own.

7. Black pants

Considered as the most essential for former work settings and before you choose black pants, make sure that it fits right. Black pants / jeans suit all formal as well as casual settings and most importantly, it can be combined with almost all types of colors. So never hesitate, next time, shop for black pants to make it useful for both casual and formal settings.
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