7 Style Tips to Make You Look Taller Without Heels

by Dukakeen Admin on November 08, 2016
Tips to Look Taller Without Heels
Adding those extra height is no more a daunting task, as these fashion tips to look taller is all intended to ward off your worries. If you are petite, you take up all efforts to make up the petiteness. And here is a list of things you would love to try to get that extra inches.

Small prints

Always try to wear small prints and designs to look taller. Small prints on clothes have the ability to enhance height. Looking taller than usual, is all about finding the right choices in clothing and accessories. Loud and bold designs sabotage your desire to look taller than actually you are. So to create the illusion of being tall, you should always fall for small prints.


Embrace V-neck tops to elongate the neck so that you would make you appear tall, and the options are aplenty; use a V-neck dress or a V-neck top/ T-shirt along with a High waisted pants! You are set to go in style plus you have created the illusion of looking tall with both the ensemble.

Long Necklaces

Never forget to complete the tall look with long necklaces. Long necklace creates the illusion of a lengthened figure and never breaks up the body like a choker style necklace which sticks tight to the neck. Long necklace does suit V neck tops and dresses and ultimately adds to the height. Invest on plenty of long necklace to embrace height.

Right Fit

When it comes to creating the illusion of that extra height, like aforementioned, it deals with striking the right balance. When you choose clothes, make sure that the fit is proper or else loose clothing would only make you look shorter. Buy close fitting clothes that does suit your silhouette, and if you cannot, get it tailor-made.

Wear Monochrome

Outfits in Monochrome lets you look tall and lean. Choosing multicolored clothing can rather make you look petite only. But, witness the change in appearance when you have all gone monochrome. You can play with different textures if you cannot with two different colors. A splash of colors on outfits makes one appear shorter.

High Waisted Pants

High waisted pants and trousers are not just fashion but enhances the wearer’s height as well, creating the illusion of long legs. You can go for high waisted shorts or skirts, but nothing comes as good as a high waisted straight legged pants/ trousers.

Skinny Jeans

Similarly, skinny jeans make you look lean if you are in pursuit of adding the extra height. Though it is not as a comfortable wear for many, if height comes priority, try skinny jeans. Besides, they are in vogue so it is worth choosing skinny jeans and enhance the height and you are in vogue as well. Always go for dark colored denim to get the best results.
Say no to cropped pants and wide belts as all it does is to make you look short! Do check out for the clothing styles and follow these fashion tips on how to look taller without heels.
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