Animal Prints In Women’s Fashion

by Dukakeen Admin on November 23, 2016
Women fashion in Animal prints
You have everything in prints and patterns in your wardrobe, but does it look complete without animal print outfits? You cannot overlook animal print trends in women’s fashion outfits and accessories. Have fun with animal prints on your dress, top, shoes, bag and scarf. But before you go shopping for animal print outfits, let’s check out what seems right when it comes to flaunting animal prints. Let me tell you, all you need to do is to strike the right balance!

Get one Single Animal Printed Piece

The key is to create the best look in a single piece when you prefer to show off animal print fashion. Animal prints are loud and a single garment would do the talking. Wear animal prints piece with monochromatic colors. Suppose you go shopping for a leopard print skirt, then you better choose monochromatic chic shirt or top to balance the look. Or else, if you are so mad about wearing animal print, try animal printed jumpsuits and maxi dress to get it in style.

Neutral Accessories with Animal Printed Dress

The bottom line is that you should not make animal print look dominant. If you have an animal print leggings then go for a non-dominant shade but evidently one that matches with the animal print to balance the look. You can go by casual boots either in beige or black if the black print stays predominant. Modesty is the key when it comes to wearing animal print.

Animal Print Accessories

If you would like to wear animal prints in your accessories, match only if you think it is necessary. A leopard printed purse or leopard heels or flats would work depending on the type of animal printed outfits you choose to wear. If you flaunt a leopard print bag, and it is considerably big, why not choose a pair of heels to go matchy-matchy.

Bright Colors and Animal Print

Though it is advised to pick monochromatic colors with animal print outfits, matching peppy colors with your animal print outfit is cool idea. Breaking the fashion rule is always fun, above all! If it is too casual an event, mix leopard print skirt with lively colored shirt such as orange, pink, yellow, mint green and many more. And choose footwear of the same color of the top/ shirt. Consider wearing an orange flowy skirt with your animal print top to get that all vivacious look.
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