Best Eyeliners To Compliment Your Eye Make Up

by Dukakeen Admin on April 18, 2016
How to pick best eyeliners
Want to look into the ways to bring life to your eyes? There is a sea of options available for you when it comes to eye-friendly eyeliners. From pencils to gel and liquid, each serving different purposes giving the right shades for your eyes, it is quite difficult to make a choice with the wide range of eyeliners. The perfect way to get the right makeup for enhancing your eyes’ features, you need to consider a lot of elements. Depending on the choice of makeup you want to flaunt, make the choices on eyeliners. Also, you can choose the colors depending on the color of your eyes once you have selected the gel, liquid or pencil eyeliners.
Let’s check into these types designed to meet the eye makeup styles you prefer. If you are concerned about choosing the right eyeliners for accentuating eye attributes, here are some best advices on picking the appropriate eyeliners that flatter your eyes.

Gel Type Eyeliners

Gel eyeliners or cream eyeliners are designed to last long and provides a visible effect. It often comes in a small pot with a brush for easy application. Suitable for shaping the upper lids, gel eyeliners help create winged makeover that adds to the length of the eye. If you wish to provide a thick application, use a thick brush, are your best choice. You get more precise line with a fine brush and allows more control while drawing. Depending on the thickness you want, you can change the brush used for applying gel eyeliners. Usually, experts recommend a thin angled brush with a little bit stiffness. When you are done, clean the brush to avoid any eye infections that might result from the residues sticking to it.

Liquid Eyeliners

Liquid eyeliners are perfect for creating clean, thin lines using its very thin brushes. All you need to do is to start from the centre of the eyelid instead from the corners. If you want to flatter your style using eye shadows to make it complete, ensure that you apply eye shadows and then eyeliner so that it will form a dry base which allows the liquid eyeliner to stick smoothly. If you find it not so easy applying liquid eyeliners, it is always better to give a lining on the eyes by small dots and then connect the dots gently by tracing on it. Also, beauty experts recommend to use mascara before putting on the eyeliner make-up as it would simply make the tracing quite easier. The down side is that liquid eyeliner makeup gives a less natural look and it lasts long when compared to cream and pencil eyeliners.

Pencil Eyeliners

Pencil eyeliners are easy to apply and perfect for a smoky eye look. All you need to do is to trace it along the lashes, both upper and lower to get that instant makeover for your eyes. Gives the most natural look, and it does not matter if you wish to run it along the waterline unlike liquid eyeliners. They are safe on eyes though you fail to experience the precision as you get while using liquid eyeliners. Twist up eye pencil is the best and it will get blunt which allows smoother application resulting in smoky eyes. Pencil eyeliners also come in an array of colors. Moreover, they lasts long when compared to other types of eyeliners. Considered good for beginners, pencil eyeliners are easy to blend.
Deciding on the right type of eyeliners, depend largely on the type eye makeup you wish to flaunt. Cream or gel eyeliners are great for creating thick winged application while liquid eyeliners are known for its stunning precision that is capable of transforming your lash lines. And pencil eyeliners, they are pretty good for tracing on the waterlines too. Each of the eyeliners serve a variety of purposes and you may choose that specific one which provides the best look on your eyes.
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