Best Styling Products to Maintain Healthy Natural Hair

by Dukakeen Admin on November 03, 2016
Hair care guide
Looking for salon-inspired hairstyle? It’s not elusive if you have the right hair styling remedies with you. But, before you start buying hair care supplies, determine the hair type and then suitable styling products. Check out the following to make hair look flawless.

Know your hair type

Depending on the type of hair you have, hair care solutions may vary. Some may have dry hair and if any additional chemical treatment, coloring has been done on a regular basis, it would only add to the woes. If you have dry hair, make sure that you do all efforts to retain the moisture content with the help of a hair supplement that lessens the impact of dryness. Whereas oily hair needs only products that contain less conditioning agents unless when there is need for coloring. Also, conditioner should be applied only on the tip of the hair instead of roots. When oily hair is frequently combed out, it will incite the oil glands below the roots initiating further production of oil making the hair look oily than usual. Normal hair is never dry nor too oily and have the right texture. Nevertheless, choosing the wrong product might upset its balance.

Hair Styling Products

Once you have identified the hair type, it is easy to choose styling products. Indeed, there are a variety of hair care products available and based on your needs and hair type you can choose one.

Spray Gel

Best hair gel product for coping with the frizz, Spray gel is an upgraded version of traditional hair gel. It helps distributing gel evenly on the hair and so people with frizzy hair benefit from this styling product. Spray through wet hair from root to the tip, then comb and air dry and you are done! Suitable on all hair types, Spray gel is one of the best way to style your hair.

Styling Wax

If you flaunt pixie cut then spruce up your hair to make it to the best. Take a thin layer of hairstyling wax and apply it with your fingertips and twist it at the hair tips and you are all set! Wax cannot be used all through the hair, since it makes the tresses greasy and oily, though it does not stiffen the hair. The conditioning agent helps hair to shine and prevents hair from damage due to breakage.

Hair Volumizer

A hair product intended to provide thickness at the roots when you have thin, straight or curly locks. Spray it over dry or wet hair, near to scalp to get the best result. Use a hair dryer; aim it at the roots and finally use a round brush to remove the locks. In case you air dries the strands, the desired results won’t be achieved.


Mousse works against frizz. When you use mousse, it acts as a smoothening agent clearing frizz unlike hair creams. You can either make straighten or curl locks with mousse. Get instant volume by applying mousse at the hair roots and blow dry from the root by pulling the hair toward top and move the hair dryer upwards instead of downwards.


Pomade best works with clean and wet hair and so before applying pomade wash hair thoroughly. Damp hair lets the application of pomade evenly over the hair. It is best used on short hair or long hair to enhance its texture and shine. Use only a small drop as it is a bit oily. On long hair, apply it toward the hair tips and for short hairstyles start from ends to roots.
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