Buying Guide on Hiking Backpacks

by Areviews App Collaborator on November 01, 2017
hiking backpack buying guide
There are some essentials that you need for hiking for an ever enjoying outdoor experience. Getting the right hiking backpack is the quintessential part, though it has often been ignored by many. We have often made it a habit to choose things based on the look and price, but when it comes to buying backpacks, this would not always prove good. When you restrict yourself with these two attributes, you may end up buying the wrong one. 
Before you buy a hiking backpack, you have to take into account the size, the number, carrying capacity, waterproofing and any additional features you are looking into. The most important thing is that these criteria might vary based on needs and the places you would like to explore. Usually a single backpack may not be sufficient. Having one for daytrips and the other for multi-day hikes would be ideal. A beginner if cannot afford to carry two hiking backpacks can rely on a mid-size bag, though. But it should fulfill the needs for an overnight expedition, but comfortable enough to carry easily for a long distance trip as well. If you are a beginner or if you want to know the key considerations for buying hiking backpacks, read on to find more.

1. Size

Size of the backpack is important. Decide on the size of the backpack, based on length of the trip. You can buy a small backpack for day hikes, which is small when compared to those used for overnight and multi day hikes. Never think about buying too small back pack and then rely on another accessories to fulfill your needs. It won’t help you hiking comfortably.

2. Special features

To provide maximum features to help hikers, manufacturers provide special features to carry climbing ropes, snowshoes, raingear and so on. There may be dedicated pockets designed to carry each of these equipments and hiking essentials. Some manufacturers even provide activity-specific backpacks with special features suitable for smooth and comfortable expedition.

3. Load distribution

Just like the size of the backpack, its ability to balance the load should also be looked into. If the size of the load is huge, always check the technical features such as the frame, hip belts shoulder harness and the compartments. Hiking backpacks come with strong frames inside and outside to balance the weight. Now a days, these backpacks come with internal frames which are concealed inside. Look for wide and padded shoulder straps for backpacks if you wish to carry huge loads. Also, check if it has strap that can be worn across the chest to balance the weight so that when the backpack is heavy, it would not hurt your shoulders. Similarly, find one with hip belts and enough compartments and a waterproof cover that comes alongside or if not you have to buy it separately to make it covered comfortably during rain.
Now that you know how to make the first step in buying hiking backpacks, get the best one that meets your needs. Buy backpacks online on