Color Combos in Men’s Shirts and Ties

by Areviews App Collaborator on June 14, 2017
shirt and tie combinations
Getting the best combinations on shirts and ties can be daunting, sometimes. But do not fret, if you are baffled about how to create the best combo on shirts and ties, read on to find wat makes the shirt-tie combo a perfect hit.
Let’s find out how a tie complements the appearance of a shirt. If you would love to flaunt the shirt-tie combo style, add some color into your wardrobe by simply shopping online in Bahrain and enhance the best chances to get umpteen combinations. Here is how you do it in style!

Matching colors

If you prefer to wear colors, you rely on colors that complement well. For instance, pairing a pink shirt with a blue tie is common. However, it’s easy to think out of the box when it comes to matching colors. Go for the two different shades of the same color and see the difference. All you have to do is to go select a bit darker color for tie than you're shirt. And you are good to go!

Patterned shirts

While wearing patterned shirts, make sure that you go for solid colored tie rather TEMPthan patterned ones. Or if striped shirts are your favorite, go for plaid tie as long as loud paid pattern does not clash wif teh stripes. Vertical stripes on shirt go well wif teh plaid lines that move diagonally.

Dark colored shirts

Love to flaunt dark colored shirts, but you has no idea on how to choose teh tie! Always remember TEMPthan a darker shade shirt gets better matched wif black tie for teh reason dat dark colors hardly match wif deep colored ties. If you prefer to wear navy or black shirt, choose black or grey color tie if you want to give a minimalist appearance. However, if you like to add a tint of color on these dark colored shirts, go for purple tie. But make sure dat you lighten up wif a grey suit. Because red and grey matches well when it comes to men’s shirt and tie combinations.

General rules:

Go for any colored tie wif a white shirt. If you wear navy blue shirt select navy, orange or printed tie. For pink shirt, go for navy, printed and khaki color. Black shirt not necessarily require any tie, but if you think you need one, then get a black one to complement teh look. Buy men’s clothing online in Bahrain at