Complete Guide For Buying Women’s Jackets

by Dukakeen Admin on April 12, 2016
Guide for buying Women Jacket
Jackets are versatile garments which serves style and comfort. These stylish outwear in the form of countless designs simply make you look refined by all means. And choosing the best reflects your style quotient. The types of jackets are aplenty and the materials may vary depending on the seasons in which it is intended to use; fall, spring or summer. From cashmere wool to fleece jackets, the choices are abundant. When you have decided to invest your money on jackets, look for something that suits your body type, in particular, and also consider its purpose, durability and the budget. You can buy jackets from apparel stores but if you intend to select one via online, we have plenty of jackets in stock. We have an impressive collection of jackets for women which is designed not just to complement one’s inimitable style but to serve the purpose.
Let’s see the key elements that needs to be taken care of while buying women’s jackets. This post hopefully serves as the guide for womenfolk in choosing their favorite jackets, no matter if it is boyfriend blazer or in a denim, silk or cotton material.

Jackets that suits your body type

Since jackets are diverse in their design and purpose, not every type suits one and all. Though it greatly depends on each person’s choice of style, a perfect pick is based on your body type. If you flaunt an hour glass figure, it is better you would choose the cut that complements the shape.
If you have a thin frame, ensure that you have not chosen jacket that covers your body. The length in no case should extend beyond hips and fashion experts recommend that if you are lean and short, go for rich colors rather than choosing jackets with rich embellishments.
Flaunting an apple shaped body does not mean that you cannot find jackets that suits your body type. All you have to check for the shape that eliminates the unwanted attention on your midsection.
Avoid using shorter jackets if you have a pear shaped body as it would draw attention to the larger midsection. Also go for jackets with shoulder pads to cover up the drooping shoulders. And it is always better to choose jackets with add-ons on the neckline or upper half with or lapels. The bottom point is that you have to ensure that that attention is drawn toward the upper half of the body.
For boyish shaped, choosing a jacket that gives an illusion of wider waist serves as the best choice. No matter the type of material chosen, it is always wise if you choose a cut that flatter the body shape as according to fashion experts.
Based on materials used, there are diverse varieties of jackets designed by blending, style, comfort and function. A few of the most popular jackets in vogue include:-

Leather jacket

Women’s leather jacket is a great way to get a complete makeover for your outfit. And the best part is that it goes with every clothing adding to the casualness fashionistas would love to flaunt. No matter the styles you follow, leather jackets gives instant transformation for the outfit and make you look super modern. If you want to buy a leather jacket at much economical price it is better to go for a faux leather if your budget is within $50 limit. Usually, you need to pay in the range of $150- $350 for leather quality. You can go for neutral colors such as black, brown, camel and beige to suit any outfit colors.

Boyfriend blazer

Boyfriend blazer conveys a sense of stylishness no matter the style and creates fashion in vogue. And goes well along with tee or even floral dress or with every day casual wear, party dress or any clothing styles. Creates an instant casual makeover, with girly cuts, boyfriend jackets are enough to make any fashionista fall in love with its simple casual magic. For boyfriend jackets, brights are common, however neutral colors work well with anything. With neutral colored jacket and jeans-tee combo, go for embellishment in bright colored or patterned scarf. And voila! you are all ready. Priced between $20- $30, boyfriend blazers exudes elegant fashion when put on along with dress pants, skirts and shorts.

Denim jacket

Denim jacket being evergreen favorites for fashion enthusiasts gives naturally causal, cool and comfortable appearance. And you can pair it with a white lace dress or to create a fancier look, wear it along with outfits that flaunt sequins or gilt. Pairing it with the maxi skirt and a turtle neck, get yourself transformed to the quaint fashion during the 70s. Throw your denim jacket on white tee and pair it with black jeans along with matching handbags and fashion accessories to make your style quotient conspicuous.

Biker jackets

Biker jackets or motorcycle jackets let you flaunt your street style fashion and adds to your wardrobe collection. Leather jackets are most common in biker jackets apart from other fabric materials such as denim, cotton and silk. Leather suits the best, denim gives more casual appearance whereas silk enhances your feminine side. To create an impressive look, try to pair biker jackets with the combination of textures in cotton and silk. From colored patterns to neutral hues, biker jackets redefine your jacket style.
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