Dressing For Your Body Shape- Tips For Men

by Dukakeen Admin on March 28, 2016
Dressing for body shape of men
There exists wrong notion in the society that dressing according to body shape is linked to women only. But in truth, dressing for your shape is something guys can also rely on for that perfect professional or casual appearance. What clothes work best for your body shape undoubtedly makes you feel great. But if you are baffled about what to wear according to your shape, take a glance through the following guidelines to make you look awe-inspiring.

For short guys

If you lack the tall genes, fret not; there are simple ways to look and feel great just like tall men. Transforming yourself to look taller does take only some simple tweaks. All you have to do is to choose monochromatic colors by completely removing hues that are contrasting appearance. Do not break up the height at any cost. Go with a consistent color theme so that it can make you appear tall and lanky. If you prefer mixing a light color with dark, try to put on the dark color toward the bottom half. So light colored shirt with dark trousers do well. Also, choose vertical striped clothes that does not break in between would be a great choice for short guys. Or else, the best choice would be candy striping. Besides, a plain leather shoe adds height. Gain confidence in your attire and give up the feeling that you are not tall. It’s that simple.

For well-built men

It is advisable to find a fit that best defines your body. As a matter of fact, well-built guys always have an inclination toward tight fitting clothing which only make them look poor. The rule of thumb is to choose a good fit with unbroken cloth in midsections. Go for dark colored fabric that gives the slimming effect, particularly. It is desirable to have tapered jacket to avoid the boxy appearance and choose narrow cuffs. Also, trousers should be worn on natural waist. If you had a hard time choosing your clothing style with perfect fit, you might need the help of a tailor. There is ample scope for alteration and get the perfect fit just like it is considered as desirable. If you have deiced to get the help of a tailor, you can very well avoid minor mistakes which you may ignore but appear as grave faults while you put on the clothes. For instance, the pockets should hold your keys, purses without bulging. At this point, you need the help of a tailor who could provide minor alterations. So, if you want to get it customized as per your needs, better rely on a tailor.

For tall guys

Tall men does not need to disguise when it comes to clothing as opposed to the above category of people. To avoid looking like a pole, choose causal shirts with chest pockets that makes the shoulders turn visibly big. And many tall people are aware of the next big thing and it’s none other than choosing to wear horizontal striped shirts. Avoid using monochromatic colors and put all efforts to break up the height. And if you are tall and broad, you can go for horizontal stripes but a bit understated patterns look more appealing. And on the other hand, if you are too thin, go for layering with t-shirt, shirt and a cardigan. Add weight to the upper part of the body to avoid looking thin.
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