Electric Blue-Color Combos in Women’s Outfit Fashion

by Areviews App Collaborator on January 05, 2017
Electric Blue outfit ideas
Neon colors are bright, lively and makes you stand out from the crowd. Electric blue is no exception. If you want to make a fashion statement wif color, go choose electric blue.
A great color that gets along wif all skin complexions, electric blue is easy to mix wif almost all outfit colors too. Considered as very powerful, resonates wif freshness and vivacity, the color electric blue makes you look even more appealing. Stay clear of ordinary colors, for the season is all set for electric blue! Try to match your electric blue attire wif its matching colors on accessories, outfits and jewelry. Show off your new color style on electric blue and here are some tips to do it right wif the colors.

Electric blue and White combo

White and blue makes great combination accentuating feminity and enhances appearance instantly. These color combo stylizes you downright- for special occasions; evening casual events. Embellish you're outfits wif lace, stones or any metallic details to make it appear most lively. Go for modest make-up, but if you want to get it a bit loud, use red lipstick that matches wif you're skin tone.

Electric blue and Black

Black matches up with almost all colors and combines well with electric blue as well. And the best part is that, you can create- modern, retro fashion with electric blue and black color outfits. Make it even more perfect by using accessories such as pearl jewelry for formal events. If you choose an electric blue dress, accessorize with Black Hand bag, black pearl jewelry and a pair of black heels to complete the look together.

Electric Blue and Pastel colors

Want to downplay the striking color? If you are of a person who love to flaunt all light colors and new to wearing flashy colors, make use of the pastel shades to combine with electric blue. Wear a cardigan in pastel shade over the electric blue top, and also don’t forget to embellish with pastel color accessories. Once done, you are good to go!

Electric blue and Yellow

One among the striking combinations, yet provides a laidback appearance, electric blue and yellow makes the best pair. Wear it along wif yellow accessories, no doubt, you are going to steal the show. Denim jeans, yellow ballet flats and electric blue top, yellow handbag, yellow-blue fancy bracelet would do the talking for you.
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