Exclusive Collection on Abayas

by Dukakeen Admin on October 27, 2016
Collection of Abayas
Abayas represent the outfit fashion purely dedicated to fulfill cultural and religious norms in clothing. Over the time, Abayas fashion has seemingly transformed; the loose garment in all black color signifies as religious and cultural symbol now comes in different designs and patterns with slight embellishments. While the design and the material go into the making determines how expensive the Abayas are, the demand for these loose long one piece garment embellished with stones and decorative details are on a high among women. Rather than Abayas been considered as a religious/ cultural symbol in many countries in Middle East, Abayas has made mandatory to alleviate the instances of social cultural differences. Though Abayas have changed its appearance all through these years and when we started seeing it in colorful designs and prints, minimal aesthetics on Abayas are well accepted among Muslimahs.

Abayas on Dukakeen

Here we have a collection of designer Abayas for those who would love to balance both religious and fashion needs. Designer Abayas in beautiful prints and in earthen hues blend modesty with style. These Abayas flaunt style but within the sanctity of religious recommendations. Abayas with laces and multicolored patterns are on sale at Dukakeen and are offered at price starting from BD 50.000 to BD 115.000. Abayas with lace style and minimal embroidery are trending and common styles among Muslim women. Paisley designs, embroidery at the neckline border and sleeves simply transform unique style of Abayas. Floral prints also brings up the elegance of Abayas into fashionable garbs.

Different styles on Abayas

Attractive pleated, embedded white Abayas designed with multicolored beads are appropriate for wedding occasions. Though Abayas are worn as casual wear, they are considered superb garbs suitable for special occasions when embellished Abayas got introduced. Embroidered white caftan Abayas are designed in style to give that ‘wow’ effect. While wearing caftan Abayas, go for golden skin hijab to complete the look. Maxi Style Abayas are also popular; but matching hijabs are the key.
Abayas can be made stylish, elegant with a little embellishments- embroidery, lace, prints, stones, sequins, beads and so on. It’s only a matter of a few adorns and the simple Abayas would embrace the stylish side with these minor yet stunning makeovers! Buy Abayas online from Dukakeen. Show off your Abayas style by choosing designer and embellished Abayas!