Five Sportswear Clothing Styles Every Man Should Follow

by Dukakeen Admin on April 01, 2016
Sportswear clothing styles every man should follow
Fashion and sportswear make an undeniable combination that’s capable of creating an indelible impression in the minds of style enthusiasts. Many fashion brands have joined hands with sportswear companies to come out with athletics inspired attires.
So, don’t be hesitant in wearing sportswear inspired clothing, the sole key lies in how you combine your attire to make you look awesome smart and uber cool.

Track Jacket

An elegant way to pull your looks together, track jacket is a reigning trend in sportswear inspired clothing pieces. A proven attire suiting to men of all ages, track suit is cozy to start wearing as a daily wear. Decide the type of fabric according to your personal preferences and do check the weather conditions as well. The most preferable materials being velour, polyester and cotton. Fleece tracksuits do make a good choice during chilly weather.

Polo Shirts –Open collared

Open collared Polos shirts are strictly casual yet elegant wear and reminds us of the late sixties, considered as the helm of the sporting era. The reigning trend of the 1960s do make a comeback lately with a bang. Pair it with trousers made of linen, cotton or wool to sport the best you in athletics inspired attires. You get stunning makeover within seconds that reflects your athletics personality style with great confidence.

Athletic Shorts

Athletic shorts are shorter than casual chinos and regarded best as an after hour sportswear inspired outfit. A great choice that makes your laidback style conspicuous and vivid. Athletic shorts in soft nylon is a preferred choice among those who prefer to wear athletic inspired clothing pieces. A neutral color will be the perfect choice, especially during summer and something like a crew neck T-shirt is recommended by fashion stylists.

Tennis Trainers

Men’s fashion makes a compelling statement with minimalistic approach on all embellishments and so tennis trainers in white make a comeback this season. A shift in sneakers fashion witnessing stylists preferring understated but the truly classic color in sneakers. White sneakers represent pristine fashion while combined with sportswear inspired apparels.

Barrel Bag

Finally, to support your sportswear clothing style, barrel bags are must haves. Sportswear inspired clothing fashion never look complete without a barrel bag. An add on that reflects the athletics fashion, barrel bags remain as a big favorite among fashion enthusiasts and men from all walks of life. And the best part is that it can accommodate all the needs of gym goers and it is comfortable to hold and transport. Forget your weekender fashion for the barrel bag to look nifty and handsome along with the athletics inspired clothing pieces.
Go for branded wear to keep winning accolades on your athletics fashion clothing styles. But keep in mind that you should not go overboard. Athletics fashion do favor the slogan that ‘moderation is the key’. Let the audience be bowled over by your irresistible sportswear inspired fashion. Wear your fashion sense to keep your style quotient high.
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