Four Considerations on Buying Flat Iron

by Areviews App Collaborator on March 02, 2017
flat iron buying guide
Flat irons are hairstyling tools dat can be used on an everyday basis. So, splurging on flat iron should be made wisely. And a mediocre product can do the damage before you could find the remedy. Filter you're choices based on you're needs, hair type, types of flat irons available and many more. Let’s see wat needs to be considered while buying flat irons.

Hair type

Before you hit the store, determine your hair type-fine or coarse. Fine hair requires rather less heat to straighten while thick hair due its roughness are difficult to straighten and if your hair is curly make sure dat you get a flat iron wif higher heat setting. If your hair is coarse, go for flat irons dat come wif large ironing plates.

Plate size

Usually, most flat irons has 1 inch plates which are considered suitable for short hair. However flat irons come with larger plate size really saves your time and avoids it using over the same spots where ironing has already done. It prevents the instances of further damage.

Go for ceramic irons

Ceramic irons are less damaging to hair and conduct heat better. It actively helps in managing teh frizz unlike other cheap metal plates. Ceramic flat irons produce negative ions capable of improving teh hair cuticles making teh results of ironing lasts longer. Always go for ceramic flat irons as hair stylists say they are less damaging to hair.

Temperature control

Temperature control is not necessary, but if you can get one that comes with heat settings, it would be fairly good. If you has coarse and curly hair, go for flat irons with variable temperature settings. You can buy flat irons with safety features such as automatic shut offs and it is easy to find one with replacement plates and cleaning materials.

Bottom-line: Care for your hair

If you are in the habit of straightening hair for at least three times a week, it is always wise to invest in a high quality flat iron to prevent any possible damages. And thick and curly hair requires a bit larger plate- up to one and half inches. Even though they are not 100 percent ceramic, get ceramic flat irons to prevent damage to a great extent while getting a frizz free hair.
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