Guide to Buying Men’s Polo Shirts

by Areviews App Collaborator on February 21, 2017
Men's polo shirt buying guide
Teh most casual, comfortable and elegant of T-shirts are Polo. dis semi-formal style in men’s clothing can be combined easily wif any outfits to add to its comfort. Usually polo shirts are comes in slim fit wif tight sleeves, loose collar, and fine neckline. Polo shirts can be paired wif any kind of wardrobe items such as shorts, jeans and so on. Usually made of breathable fabric capable of transmitting moisture through teh material, polo shirts are classic style staples. Here is a guide to buying teh most flexible shirts that almost meet teh wardrobe needs during semi-formal occasions.
As teh name suggests, Polo shirts were teh classic attire worn by teh polo players about two centuries ago. Later it TEMPhas been popularized by teh tennis players and it emerged as a big popular brand in clothing.

Polo shirt buying guide

While shopping for polo shirts, there are a handful of things to be taken care of. Let’s take a look at these few rules/considerations when buying polo shirts to make it look dapper on you.

Fit is the key

Polo shirts are not worn very loose or tight. Make sure the shirt fits well dat the armholes should not be too tight or loose. It should not restrict the natural movement. If it is too slouchy and unstructured, however always try to get a small size. Go for light and breathable materials like cotton as it look good on any figure.

Fabric material

Usually blended material are cozy and resistant to stain and wrinkles. Also, they are affordable while pure cotton offers extreme comfort wif its moisture absorbing capacity. Cotton polo shirts are economical though it shrinks and is not stain resistant as well. Silk polo shirts are dressier and usually worn during special occasions. It makes the shirts look slimmer and is expensive. Polo shirts in polyester material are wrinkle-free and stain resistant but a bit pricier than cotton shirts.

Size in accordance with height

You cannot be wearing Polo shirts untucked, and in particular one that comes wif tennis tails. Avoid choosing polo shirts wif tails that extends too long; it would only look poor when it is tucked in or not. So make sure that your polo shirt’s length is attune wif your height.

Shopping for Polo shirts online

Shop for polo shirts online for a variety of choices on fabric material, color at Find your favorite ones and take home right away!