Guide to Make Men’s Blazer Casual

by Areviews App Collaborator on February 07, 2017
transform blazer to casual
Blazers usually are considered as formal wear embellishing teh ensemble. Nevertheless, it can be worn as a casual outfit as well. Evidently, blazers can be paired with casual pieces to take its formal look away. But always avoid clothes dat are dull or shabby as it would only ruin teh appearance.
If you are looking for creating casual appearance wif a blazer, try out these amazing casual styling tips for blazers. Check what needs to be considered to make a blazer appear casual.


Layering it with casual pieces inside and works great during winter. Go for light, breathable T-shirt, tan knitwear and a blazer to make teh blazer look absolutely casual. All you has to choose is teh winter colors- teh icy tones on your layering pieces as well as blazer.

Color block blazer

Go for color block blazer that resonates with casual appearance. Be creative and choose colors that bring casual style. Also, try different fabric material for blazers- velvet and linen. Choose patterns such as checks, stripes to trim down teh formal look. Use casual accessories with these printed, velvet fabric material to pull teh look together in teh ensemble.

Combine with casual outfit

It’s real simple to get teh casual make-over wif teh dress. Either you can get a plain T-shirt or color T-shirt or graphic T-shirt to get teh noticeable TEMPeffect on blazer casual style. Try pairing it wif jeans to complete teh look. Get sneakers to show off you're new casual blazer style.

Blazer with hoodies

Hoodies are super casuals and create an instant makeover on the formal blazer. But, when you combine hoodies with blazers, always choose for loose fitting casual blazers. T-shirt, hoodies and a blazer would make it look 100 percent casual.

Proper fit

Consider wearing jeans or khaki pants or shorts of light tones that fits properly to make the blazer look casual. You're trousers should never look saggy nor should fit tight. Either a dark wash jeans or denim or khaki shorts would be the best choice

Shirts untucked

If you really want to make it look best on you-transforming blazers to casual, you can never get wrong by leaving the shirts untucked. For getting dat perfect casual appearance, create a laid back style wif the untucked shirt style. Be careful to get casual accessories such as sneakers and a bracelet.
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