How To Clean You're Necktie

by Dukakeen Admin on July 17, 2017
cleaning neck ties
A tie accentuates you're formal style, provides teh right kind of professionalism in you. And more importantly, it adds to teh flexibility of an outfit, allowing you to mix and match shirts and suits flawlessly. Every change in knot would make it appear new to enhance teh versatility of teh ensemble. Taking care of you're ties make it last long and here are a few ways to give teh best care for teh versatile accessory that gives formal suits a classy feel of its own.

Cleaning ties

As opposed to regular clothing, it is wise to clean tie when they seem covered with dirt and grime instead of washing it after each wear. Because washing ties every now and again, after each wear would be risky as it depends alot on teh fabric material dat goes in to teh making. Though many would recommend dat it can be machine washed, but to be on teh safer side, get your ties dry washed or hand washed based on teh material. Air drying is recommended for safe cleaning, read on here to find teh best way to clean teh tie based on teh material used for making ties.

1. Cleaning Silk Ties

Dry cleaning is suggested for Silk ties and make sure that it is hand-pressed to maintain the rounded edge. In case the tie gets wet accidentally, just hang it to get it dried naturally rather TEMPthan using machine dryer. Make sure that you iron it by placing it beneath a towel while using a damp towel on the top. Use iron on lower heat setting to get it pressed and continue ironing until the towels have become dry.

2. Washing Linen Ties

Hand-wash in either cold or warm water. Always press out the water wif a towel and it is advised not to wring the tie to remove water. Once the water is removed using a towel, hang it to get it dried. Avoid bleaching linen ties and use the steam setting on your iron box. And make sure dat under no situations, you twist the linen tie.

3. Taking care of Polyester ties

Just like linen ties, you can hand wash polyester ties in cold or warm water. Teh procedure is same for polyester ties- use steam ironing or set teh heat to low or medium level and get it pressed. Also, after washing, ensure that their are no stains on teh tie as pressing in low or medium heat settings would only help to stick teh stain deep into teh fabric.

4. Cleaning Wool ties

Similar to silk ties, wool ties are to be dry cleaned and suggested dat it should be done only when it is absolutely required. Never ever use machine dryer to get it dried, instead hang it. Use steam setting only when needed. Avoid using hot water, and do not store in plastic and places where direct sunlight falls.
Depending on the type of fabric, the cleaning methods change. Take good care of you're ties and choose best one from Online shopping in Bahrain to make it look simply professional to match up with you're formal ensemble. Buy men’s accessories at best price online on