How To Make Your Shoes Last Longer

by Dukakeen Admin on March 23, 2016
How To Make Your Shoes Last Longer
A man is always judged by his shoes. It has been applicable since centuries and goes like you could tell a man by his shoes. A worn out shoes with chapped outside conveys that you are uncanny and unprofessional. A gentleman’s style is complete only when he wears a neatly polished shoes. And a lot many things reflect with your well-polished shoes like you are spick and span in every aspect you deal with; which evidently shows your enthusiasm and attention for minute details in grooming.
It is not about how many you own, but how you maintain them. Knowing the how-to-care steps for your shoes right from polishing to the fixes required is the key to the proper up keep of shoes in your wardrobe. Take a step forward to start the best care for leather shoes, in particular as they are easily susceptible to damage. Follow the how to care instructions for your leather shoes here to add years to its life.

Cleaning your shoes

You can gently wipe the surface of shoes with a wet sponge to clean up the dirt. Allow it to dry in room temperature only. If you use heat, it might damage your leather shoes and reduces its life. Apply conditioners to avoid cracking if you have been continuously using it for a long time. When you notice that the leather is getting dry, its time for applying conditioners. And you would certainly know the right time to get it done, if you are wearing shoes regularly. If you go by the rule you need it after every five to ten wears. Use conditioner and soft cloth to apply it in uniform, circular motions. Take care to remove the excess conditioner on the surface to prevent it from looking over embellished.

Polishing Shoes

The first and foremost rule for selecting your shoe polish is that it should match with your shoe color. If you have invested on a pair of leather shoes, make it a habit to polish it regularly. Just like the way you apply a conditioner, dab shoe polisher by using a horsehair brush or cloth. Wax based polish enhances shoe color, protects and smoothens the surface. Adding extra shining to your shoes seem a bit odd. Probably, it suits dress shoes since it fares well with your formal suits style. Also, excess amount of wax in the dress shoes should be wiped away in every three months.

Suede Leather Shoes

Suede shoes need a different treatment, it being a delicate material requires extra care. Check if it is weather-proofed by applying a silicone based suede protector spray. Just like you choose a matching polish, keep in mind you need to get a matching shoe color silicone spray. Apply the spray to the suede material and leave it overnight to get it absorbed to its skin. Use a quality suede brush to remove the stain off from the shoe’s surface. Brush your shoes after each use to regain its natural color. But take care not to use any other products other than the silicon based suede spray as it can damage the surface.
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