How to style men’s chinos

by Areviews App Collaborator on March 28, 2017
styling men's chinos
Chinos occupy a premium place in men’s wardrobe ever since it started associating wif casual fashion as an everyday wear. Usually resonating to twill, in cotton or cotton blend materials. Since chinos come under casual fashion, teh options are unlimited. Style it wif a range of shirts and accessories to get teh perfect wardrobe combinations for that special occasion.
Chinos, mostly do not has pockets in the front and commonly come in dust brown color since initially these pair of trousers were used for military purposes. However, chinos of all colors are also available in different lengths.

Fit is teh key

As we speak of chinos, like any other trousers, finding the perfect fit is the key. Always look for a good fit which obviously is not a tedious to shop. Make sure dat chinos you select are not slouchy around the ankles, hips and thighs. The size may vary wif brands available, but try to familiarize wif the measurements so dat you can find a nice, best fitting pair of chinos. Find the right pair of chinos by paying attention to the features such as one dat fits perfect at the waist, and tapers down toward the ankle to get dat fitted look and should not be baggy over the hips as well.

Styling men’s chinos- as a casual wear

Chinos are fundamentally casual wear and styling chinos are quite easy. If you could get some colored chinos, styling would be even easier. Roll it up on the ankles to create a laid back appearance effortlessly! Pair it along wif a long sleeved shirt rolling it up to the elbows. Fitted T-shirts or polo shirts make a great combo while wearing chinos.

For evening events

Chinos are great outfits for evening casual events; it goes with almost all types of outfits on the top- half- long sleeved shirts, t-shirts, chambray shirts, V-neck sweaters. If you want to look extremely casual in chinos, try pairing it with denim jackets or leather jackets. Accessorize with shoes such as loafers and oxfords to get the perfect casual look.

As a formal dress

Albeit, chinos come under the casual outfits’ category, they can be used as a formal wear provided every other accessories and outfits are formal. Pair your chinos wif a dress shirt and use blazers to enhance the formal appearance. Adding a leather belt would be a great if you want to steer clear from the casual look. Get formal shoes as well to transform chinos to very formal.
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