How to Wear a White Shirt

by Areviews App Collaborator on July 05, 2017
ways to wear a white shirt
White shirt, one among teh fashion staples in men’s wardrobe can be worn in many ways wif different outfit combinations. And teh most easiest and elegant to create a unique style, white shirt remains as an evergreen favorite among dedicated followers of fashion. In fact, white shirts are not so formal, as many would think they are. It can be worn as casual wear as you has limitless ways to flaunt teh white shirt. Here is how you do it right.

1. Classic style

Make it simple by pairing you're white shirt wif a black, blue or grey tie along wif a pair of black suit trousers; for a formal look. If you prefer more of a semi-formal appearance, do not hesitate to roll up teh sleeves and flaunt teh less formal look.

2. Casual fashion

Make you're white shirt resonate with the casual fashion by teaming it up with a pair of blue denim trousers. To make it even more appealing and to feel extreme on casual fashion, pair you're white shirt with a leather jacket, preferably in black color. You are good to go!

3. Smart casual

Transform you're appearance to smart casual from extreme casual by relying on some matching accessories for you're white shirt. Reflect the casual style by teaming up the jeans wif leather belt and a pair of loafers. Or else, to get a more refined look, switch to chinos instead of jeans and get instant makeover to smart casual while wearing white shirt.

4. Smart fashion

Dressing smart is often associated with simplicity. Select a white shirt that is slim fit and a pair of slim fit trousers. Team it up with a black belt and leather shoes. Throw a jacket that matches with teh color of your trousers to pull off teh smart fashion in white shirts. Buy men’s shirts online in Bahrain on