Key To Choosing Right Makeup

by Dukakeen Admin on February 05, 2018
Choosing the right makeup
Want to look the best? Then you have to start it from buying your makeup. Knowing what makes your makeup click would be the key. And it’s not that easy if you does not know how to choose your skin tone and skin type. Here we break down a few tips to make your look gorgeous like never before.

1. Skin tone

Start with your skin tone, for skin tone determines the choice of makeup. Everyone has unique skin tone and it is always wise to consider products that works with all skin types and skin tones. To find the best makeup that matches up with your skin tone, as a first step you need to identify your skin tone, which you can tell by the color of veins. If it’s blue, you have cool skin tone and green veins implies a warm skin tone while blue and green veins have a neutral skin tone.

2. Skin type

Check if your skin is oily, dry or a combination of these. Determine the skin type, before you choose the makeup products. Your skin is oily when you experience frequent breakouts everywhere on face. Dry skin appears as scaly and lifeless. You would have a combination skin when you have breakouts in and around forehead, chin and nose. Skin type determines the type of foundation one must choose.

3. Color choices

Arrive at the perfect color choices based on your skin tone, also narrow down the choice on the types of foundation in accordance with the weather seasons for instance, in summer/winter. Also, the color of skin tone determines the lipstick shades. Use bright and bold colors on fair skin while deep colors look the best on dark skin tone. Purple, blue and pink makes are considered best for cool skin tones. Also, choose a blush based on your skin tone.

4. Things to remember

You can arrive at the best color choices on makeup, however, there are some underlying rules as well. Depending on the time of events, it may vary. Suppose if you are attending an evening party, there is nothing wrong in choosing bold and bright colors in your makeup. Light and modest makeup are preferred during day, before you head off to office, in particular. And make sure that it can be easily transformed to an evening party-friendly makeup, if you intend to attend one once you are off-duty and save a good amount of time.
Wearing makeup evidently associates with boosting self-esteem and confidence, as womenfolk say. While it’s a skill to get acquainted between modest, desirable, too much and little/enough makeup. Some want to cover up the imperfections, while some wish to accentuate their appearance and pull the look together. Minimal makeup is recommended however, unless you are going to attend casual events.
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