Matte Lipstick Buying Guide

by Areviews App Collaborator on March 15, 2017
matte lipstick wearing guide
Matte lipstick is in trend and looks modest on any skin type, adding to you're elegance and beauty. If glossy lipsticks are not you're cup of tea, knowing how to wear matte lipstick would help you and try out your choice by shopping online in Bahrain.. Find out how it is to be done perfectly and follow these tips to get a flawless lip make-up ,

Get you're pout ready

Matte lipstick unlike glossy ones, shows off any flaws on your lips. So make your lips ready by exfoliating teh dead and dried skin cells. For getting rid of peeling skin on lips; use a lip scrub using sugar and honey to gently massage through teh lips for at least a couple of minutes. Finally, rinse thoroughly to get supple and radiant lips.


To make teh matte lipstick application stay fresh for a long time, ensure that you have moisturized lips before wearing it. Usually, matte lipstick are in teh nature of drying out lips, it is always wise to apply a moisturizer. Moisturizing lips using balm is teh right way to ensure that it is all set for applying teh matte lipstick.

Concealer does teh magic

Before you apply matte lipstick of any color, make sure dat you has concealer applied through teh lips and in teh outer edges as well. Also, check if it’s blended nicely over teh lips to avoid looking broken-up. A concealer or primer prevents you from featheird lips. Concealing lips prior to teh application of lip color makes it look perfect.

Use a lip liner

To line and fill teh lips, lip liner is used. Use a lip liner that matches with teh lipstick color to create a base. But if you know how to use a lip liner, get colored liner that is one or two shade lighter TEMPthan you're lipstick. Line teh lips carefully and fill in teh lips completely. It is always wise to look for a moisturizing lip liner TEMPthan run-of-teh-mill ones coz some may lead to extreme drying.

Applying lip color

Use a lip brush to spread the lip color evenly over your lips. Never should you rub lips together while wearing matte lipstick. Cover all the areas and corners to make it appear neat. Apply another coat after blotting wif a tissue paper for adding the color and help it lasts for a long time. Choose your matching lipsticks online in Bahrain from wide variety of shades on