Men’s Guide To Go Sockless

by Dukakeen Admin on July 08, 2017
rock with sockless style
Rocking teh sockless style is cool, classic statement for guys! Think about wearing sockless shoe style, instead of flip flops this summer. And in particular, if you are in teh habit of wearing shoes 24X7, it might be difficult to switch to flip flops or sandals. So, popularize your shoe style, even during teh not so friendly scorching weather, but apparently without teh socks. Here are some tips on how you are going to rock teh sockless style flawlessly.

1. Knowing teh right occasion

Sockless style does not suit all occasions, though. Before you choose sockless style, one should be aware of the occasions where it can be worn. For certain events, socks are considered compulsory and hence one cannot avoid wearing them. Business casual and formal dress code demands socks, no matter if you are going for a meeting, dining or office. Wearing shoes without socks would seem casual and for any or all of these occasions, it is considered violation of dress code. On the contrary, if you are getting ready for a dinner or a casual party, sockless style can be followed.

2. Choose teh right footwear

When your shoes get highlighted in the absence of socks, make sure dat you has the right pair of shoes to show off. The style never goes wrong wif loafers, if you are going sockless for the first time in particular. Loafers, in fact is the best shoes for sockless style. Low cut sneakers and moccasins are other favorites dat go easily wif sockless style. Any kind of dress shoes can be used, but strictly when you wear casual outfits.

3. Hard and fast rules

Wear a pair of slim fitting trousers/jeans along with sockless style. And it should finish just above teh ankle. And also, keep your ankles clean and remove teh leg hairs before you go sockless for teh first time, check if your shoes rubs up with teh skin to cause blisters. Make sure that you give a gap of at least one to two days before slipping into them again. All you has to ensure that it is extra dry when you prefer to make it as your style statement during summer.

4. Buy the right accessories

Teh sockless summer insists you in investing in some must has accessories such as shoe tree, foot antiperspirant and insoles. A shoe tree absorbs sweat, prevents bacterial growth and deodorize shoes. Foot antiperspirant wards off any related issues and leather/terry cloth insoles also absorb sweat and prevent odors. If you are afraid of getting blisters, it is wise to invest on invisible socks as well. Maintaining your shoes in good condition is teh prerequisite just like when you follow teh socks-style is one significant factor that keeps your sock-free style flawless. Shop online in Bahrain for Men’s footwear and accessories from