Men’s Style Tips on Dressing Up For Formal Events

by Dukakeen Admin on November 11, 2016
Men's dressing style for normal events
Though many things in casual fashion are ever evolving, formal dress code more or less remains the same. And it is always wise to know the nature of formal events so you can dress it accordingly in a formal event. In fact, it is easy to dress for formal events since there is always a formal standard dress code.

Men’s Formal Dress Styles

Usually, black and white suit has been considered as formal wear with dress pants and dress shirt paired with a tie. The entire outfit should look neat, spick and span. The dress shirt should be in subtle colors, with white, light blue being the safe bet. No patterns and evidently, you should stay away from loud shirts.

White Tie Dress Code

If it is a white tie event, it demands standard formal dress code with no room for personal choices. The attire in a white tie event should include black tail coat, wing collared dress shirt, white bow tie, black pleated pants, white waistcoat, cufflinks and studs in silver, white gold or platinum, leather dress shoes. Keep in mind that yellow gold is never used for a white tie dress code. Optional accessories for white tie dress code include pocket square, dress watch, top hat, evening gloves and scarf and suspenders.

Black Tie Dress Code

When the event is black tie, it calls for white dress shirt, black bow tie, black formal waist coat, black tuxedo and matching trousers, black dress socks and formal black shoes. Black tie dress code applies to events after 6 pm and is less formal as opposed to white tie dress code. Black evening jacket with black trousers are considered standard and acceptable. Black bow tie is a must and black oxford shoes completes the formal dress code in black tie events.

Black Tie Optional

An invite to a black tie optional event gives minor relaxations in black tie dress code. You can either go for a tuxedo or a dark suit. It does require you to wear a jacket that matches with trousers. If you have a tuxedo and dark suit, for a black tie optional event you are free to choose between the two; the rule applies here is that wear the one that fits well.
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