Men’s T-shirt- Buyer’s Guide

by Dukakeen Admin on August 25, 2016
Complete men's T-shirt buying guide
Fashion mavericks say men always looks best in T-shirts and jeans! And undoubtedly, for the reason that the styles are aplenty. You can wear tees under shirts or suits, for any occasions to beach, party, you name it. Started its journey into the men’s fashion world as undershirts just about a century ago, T-shirt has become a staple in the wardrobe since then. But do these tees used to its full potential as a powerful style statement in men’s fashion? So, let’s see what makes you look magnificent in T-shirt and some of the all-time best universal rules followed in men’s T-shirt fashion.

1. Find the fit

Just like any other clothing, the first thing you have to check for is the correct size. Finding the right size for T-shirt solely depends on your body type. The rule of thumb is that, no matter if you are thin or heavy, tight fit t-shirts are no-nos. After all, when it comes to fit, it has to draw the attention toward the fine attributes; at the same time hide the negative points of your body frame. Go for regular fits to flatter the T-shirt look. A perfect fitting T-shirt allows you to comfortably move around and it should not be skin tight, though.

2. T-shirt fabrics

Comes in a variety of fabric materials, ranging from pure100 percent cotton, cotton-polyester blends and polyester. Pure cotton T- Shirt fabrics are soft in addition to their distinct quality unlike other clothing materials. The long staple fibers stays for long time and provides super comfort than cotton blends and polyester fabric. Cotton- polyester blends are easy to maintain and comes at a very low price as opposed to cotton materials.

3. Neck

When it comes to T-shirt necks, V-neck and crew neck are popular choices. However, both have pros and cons. V-neck T-shirts give an elongated neck appearance and looks perfect when you are short, while persons with big frame also benefits from this neck making the entire body look taller. Crew necks are suitable if have thin frame as it makes shoulders appear broad.

4. Sleeves

Long sleeve T-shirts are usually worn during cold weather or as undershirts. The short sleeve T-shirt holds the rule that the sleeves’ end should never go beyond half of the upper arm. Also, the sleeves should not be very tight or too loose or make you feel restricted. No-sleeves can be worn just like traditional T-shirts however, short sleeve t-shirts are trending and popular in men’s fashion.

5. Basic colors

While Black, Grey, White and often Navy are considered as basic colors in T-shirts. Men would love to choose black, experts say it is best during night and evening events as in the daylight it seems too harsh. Also, the color black tempts to fade quickly where as white color in T-shirts are considered as essential and suits well on all skin types. Grey is neutral color and hence accompany with any color schemes.But stay away from graphic prints, they are just unpleasant if you really want to look fabulous.

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