Must Have Shoes In Every Man’s Closet

by Dukakeen Admin on April 03, 2016
Shoes that every man should have
Don’t you observed that a perfect footwear compliment your clothing style? A perfect ensemble might go unnoticed with a sloppy selection of shoes. Meanwhile, it does not mean you need to own a lot many styles of shoes, a perfect pair of five shoes will do, provided you know how to select it. Online shopping is your best bet as you can choose from a variety of shoe styles, be it casual or formal.


Loafers, being lace less, with tidy design was a favorite among the 19th century. Best matched with causal and semi casual apparels you can go for beige, light brown or tan color to suit all weather conditions. With loafers you can go for a sockless option. Try combining with a button down shirt. However, take care if you love to wear suede leather loafers as you cannot always slip in to the same during a wet weather. If you insists wearing loafers even during terrible weather situations try a suede spray product that keeps the moisture away from the velvet material.


Casual wear, the important ingredient of every man’s clothing style cannot be complete without the cool casual sneakers. A pair of jeans and tees can perfectly accompany your laidback style with sneakers. Add the sneakers to your shoe collections and display your passion for casual shoes fashion. Sneaker stays as a staple in casual occasions. You can even go for a cross trainer shoe suitable for multiple purposes.

Lifestyle shoes

Goes with all kinds of casual clothing styles such as cargo pants, khakis, and corduroy lifestyle shoes give the best casual fashion ready for campus and partying. Best life styles shoes come in suede and leather material in browns, black, greys and grays and beige. When you use strong colors, it would give the best appearance provided you have a matching belt.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are stylish class of low boot footwear, leather body and usually with a rounded toe. If you look for formal ankle boots, try choosing zipper front ankle boots which are pointed than usual. The lace up ankle boots and zipper front boots are appropriate for business as well as special informal events.

Biker boots

Unlike the ankle boots, biker boots have pointed toes with high heels so conspicuous and length just stops at knee. Generally sported with leather apparels while ankle boots usually well matches with jeans, denim and so on. Best materials include suede or leather and the favorite colors range from black, brown beige and grey.


Oxfords comes under the lace up shoes category and their borders do not go beyond the ankle level. More specifically, the open laced shoes are stitched together in to the piece on top of the front portion making it look like different segments are fitted together to form the entire part. There is popular etiquette that you should not buy anything less than 100 percent genuine leather when it comes to oxford shoes. Also consider black oxfords, if you want to get the oxford shoes fashion correct, irrespective of its design and style.


Buy your shoes in the later part of the day especially during late evening when your feet length will be maximum in order to get the correct length. Mind you, boot leather materials do not expand, and take your time while choosing leather boots. Measure your feet correctly and get a second opinion, possibly from the salesperson himself. When you buy online for shoes, take care to adhere to the size charts and get the correct measurement. Walk the way you desire and slip in to a pair of perfect shoes and walk the way you desire.