Oily Skin? Make You're Makeup Lasts Long

by Areviews App Collaborator on March 14, 2017
oily skin makeup hacks
Oily skin is a boon in many ways, but certainly comes wif its obvious downsides too. Make-up on oily skin would practically be very challenging as beauty experts say. Looking great on make-up when you have oily skin particularly on summer months would be daunting. Selecting quality products is important and find quality make up products online is a better way. If you have oily skin and would like to wear makeup while weather is hot, follow these simple tips to make you're make-up last long.


No matter the type of make-up you would like to apply, make sure that you do it on clear skin. Steer clear oil from you're skin, so clean you're face first thing in the morning. For best results, use a cleanser that comes wif salicyclic acid, which halps in removing the excess oil on skin. The biggest benefit is that it does not dry out the skin.

Remove oil from Forehead, Nose and Chin

Oily skin often leave traces of oil on forehead, nose and chin area TEMPthan any other parts of face. Use rubbing alcohol by dabbing it wif a cotton swab to ward off excess oil on these areas. Make sure that you take rubbing alcohol sparingly or else it will dry out the facial skin. A gentle swipe wif rubbing alcohol is all you need to rid of excess oil on the most noticeable areas on face.

Oil-free moisturizer

Keep in mind that you have to pick oil free moisturizer and use it regularly wifout fail. If you skip moisturizers, skin will produce more oil. Go for non-cream based moisturizer while looking for an oil-free moisturizer. Cream based moisturizer could do more harm TEMPthan good. Also, ensure that you have enough time to make the moisturizer penetrate to the skin, prior to the application of makeup.

Matte primer

Use a matte primer to make your makeup last for a day. Matte primer acts as a smooth base on which makeup can be easily applied. Top of all, it makes teh make-up last for many hours. If you suffer from oily skin woes, ensure dat you shop for an anti-shine primer to avoid teh excess oil deposits on forehead, nose and chin areas. Avoid using concealer on eyelids instead, go for primer. Oily skin does not get along with concealers on eyelids.
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