Pinstripe suits In Men’s fashion

by Dukakeen Admin on October 03, 2017
pinstripe suits in mens fasion
Pinstripe suits unlike in the past are considered as a part of men’s formal wear. Earlier, though it has been used by business professionals, there is a shift popularized by fashion-forward people making pinstripe suits an MVP in men’s formal dress. However, if you are new to this patterned suit style, we have a few tips to overcome your sartorial woes while adopting this special elegant pinstripe suit.

1. Combination matters!

Don’t fret if you are ignorant on how to match up the pinstripe suit with the rest of your outfit. The rule of thumb says only two of the key components should be in similar pattern out of the three on your outfit. That means, if your tie is striped alongside suit, then shirt should be plain without any patterns. Being said that, if you are extra confident and think that a full-striped pattern for suits, tie and shirt does match, then go on, nobody is going to stop you.

2. Matching Shirts

There is another easy way to keep your pinstripe shirts in vogue. Match the color of pinstripes with that of your shirt. Many would not notice but once you are done, it accentuates to balance the look. So next time, try to incorporate these little tweaks while wearing pinstripe suits. Check if the color of your shirt matches with the color of the pinstripe to feel like heaven! It’s as simple as that!

3. All stripes!

It is possible to wear striped patterns in your outfit if you prefer. The key is to get the right balance, though. So when you would love to flaunt an all-stripes style, make sure that the stripes should of different width; a slight difference in the width is all you need. It does not matter if you incorporate stripes in every component of you outfit, as long as you pay heed to the width of the stripes.

4. Accessorize

Never forget to accessorize with pocket square and cufflinks. A better way to add that classy touch to your pinstripe suits, pocket square and cufflinks gives that extra formal touch! Also choose a leather watch to compliment the outfit style. But avoid too flashy accessories and suspenders as it would only amount to sartorial faux paus. Stainless steel watch can be used as long as it looks very modest to best compliment pinstripe suits.
Avoid pattern-clash whenever possible for it would look odd most times with pin stripe suits. At the same time, if you are an expert in matching patterns, sky is the limit! Knowing the best shirt and accessory combination for pinstripe suit is the key to balance the look. Pinstripe stripe suit is back into mainstream fashion. So, get your pinstripe suit in your favorite colors- charcoal grey, navy blue, black and many more. The choice is all yours! And get ready for the best formal look! Buy men’s formal clothing with biggest offers online in Bahrain from