Simple Hacks To Make Big Shoes Smaller

by Dukakeen Admin on June 13, 2018
How to make shoes smaller
You went for shoe shopping and you have found an impeccable pair of shoes, but unfortunately it was just above your foot size! And you can’t just stop yourself from buying the shoes. Or else you have faced some ill-fitting shoes issue when somebody has gifted you a pair of shoes that is slightly larger than yours. And even, more often than not, the shoes stretch over a period of time.
You have bought shoes that’s been a bit big and after prolonged use, it stretched considerably making it difficult to walk. If you have ever been faced with this problem or next time when you find a shoe that is slightly larger than your foot size, don’t fret, believe me, there are some cheap methods and accessories to make it fixed!
Read on find these interesting methods to make your shoes smaller.

1. Layer with Socks

Sometimes you might end up owning shoes that are much bigger than your size. So when you think it needs to be addressed, why not a shoe with big size can be put to use making it smaller by means of layering with socks. Get two or three socks and wear them one by one to make your feet thick. Or else layer up with more socks until you find the shoes become fit comfortably. However, this is not recommended during hot weather as it would only help in sweating more! See few shoes storage ideas.

2. Stuff with tissue paper

Get some rag, cotton wool or tissue paper to fill in the toe portion of the big shoe. It makes your feet fit comfortably inside the shoe. Even for close-toed heels, flats and boots this can be done. To fill in space at the toes with cheap material is easy and prevents the feet sliding from the front of the shoes. That being said, it is not a good idea to stuff the toe portion with tissue paper when you go for a long walk or when you are wearing sports shoes as it can make your feet uncomfortable over a long period of time.

3. Rely on Ball-of-Foot pads

Use pads that sit directly below the balls of the feet to remove the extra space inside the shoes. These kind of foot pads are best suitable for flats and heels. These foot pads provide the comfort, friction and support while walking, for heeled shoes in particular and that cannot be managed by wearing an insole, often times. These small cushioning accessory would help you wear big shoes without any discomfort when compared to stuffing the toes with rags and tissue paper.

4. Get insoles

An insole is a soft gel pad that is placed under the foot inside the shoe for support. It covers the additional space and provide the comfort relieving from the hardship of walking on a pair of big shoes. All you have to do is to insert insoles to help fit in the feet properly. So, to decrease the size of shoes, fix insoles inside and walk comfortably. Many insole materials are available such as leather, foam and gel. Foam insoles, though doesn’t last long compared to leather insoles.

5. Elastic bands to your help!

To make your shoes smaller, you can use an elastic band. When you stitch elastic bands to the end portion of the shoes, it pulls the material and make it shrink to your fit. Sew the elastic band on the inner back side or to any loose areas and stretch the elastic and then release to make the shoe shrink. When you release the elastic band, it draws material and thus shrinks to the desired size. This would keep your feet secure comfortably inside the shoes.

6. Shoe Repairing

Sometimes, nothing of the sort works in your effort to make your shoes fit perfectly. In case the shoes are extremely big that any of these accessories could correct the extra space. Under such instances, as last step you have to rely on a cobbler or shoe repair professional to get it fixed. To get your shoes in good shape in a fit that makes you walk comfortably, rely on the help of a cobbler. Indeed, the most treasured or expensive shoes need to be corrected by seeking a shoe repair professional’s help.
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