Six Simple Ways To Help Guys Look Younger

by Dukakeen Admin on March 23, 2016
Ways To Help Guys Look Younger


Looking good and young is not an obsession just for the lady folks, but for men as well. Indeed, it augments to your natural disposition that makes you feel contented. What keeps you look young and in your elements is nothing but a few grooming apropos. Start over with the following tips on grooming and get the magical transformation within you to look and feel young regardless of your age.

Shave your stubbles off

May be it’s the trend but stubble and beard may make you look a bit aged. For many, it seems as an awesome way to convey your laidback disposition, save if you are in your early forties. Clean shaven face reduces years in your age at least lets you look five years younger than you are. Also, trim your bushy eyebrows, unkempt hair to feign that you are in your twenties.

Get a haircut

Trim your hair and stick to a haircut that suits your style. Get your hair well-trimmed and cut short hair regularly. Don’t get worried if you are in the late forties and cannot find a hairstyle. Ask your hair stylist or get the hair make over with buzz cut, faux hawk to look younger. You can be in your best looks even if you are in the late forties. A simple hair makeover flaunts your early/late forty style to make you at look much younger.

Keep wrinkles at bay

Ageing is irreversible, albeit there are simple ways not to succumb to its negatives. The natural process of ageing affects your skin first and takes a toll on your efforts to look younger. But do not fret, there are umpteen ways to conceal the skin degradation. Use emollients and facials done at regular intervals reduces the incidence of skin tampering due to the natural ageing process. And get rid of puffy and swollen eyes by sleeping on an additional pillow to avoid the fluid gathering in and around the eyes.

Take good care of your skin

Looking young and fresh is a matter of looking good on your skin. Cut out dead skin cells by exfoliating regularly. A better result oriented way to enhance and feel good at the way you look, taking care of your skin is appreciated, no matter your age. Find the best way to exfoliate or ask your dermatologist to get the appropriate skin enhancement treatments.


Restore your wardrobe options by experimenting with colors other than black, blue and grey. Get going with the stylist’s suggestions to choose colors that reflects the color of your eyes. Olive colored clothes go with brown eyes while lavender and turquoise best match with grey eyes. Ask salesperson or your stylist to check out for the best hues that matches the color of your iris. Wear accessories such as watches, tie clip, cufflinks that express your true self.

Exercise and keep fit

Top of all, you need to keep fit during your early forties. If you ever think that you look shabby while you go through your mid-life, find some time to work out. And it keeps your body healthy and feel good at mind. Undoubtedly a surefire way to make you look and feel young.
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