Six Style Tips That Suits Islamic Clothing Guidelines

by Dukakeen Admin on April 02, 2016
Islamic clothing style tips for men
One of the most pertinent features of Islamic clothing is that it is quite simple and smart. A wide variety of Islamic clothing style can be seen round in the Islamic tradition that follows its basic rules on clothing. If we just glance through the Islamic clothing styles in Asia, the Jubbahs and Thobes are the most prevalent among men. Kaftans are common among Muslims in Arab countries and it dates back to 14th century when men wore it so frequently then. Time has gone by and fashion comes also applicable on Islamic clothing without interfering the clothing rules in Islamic tradition.

Islamic Clothing Style tips for men

Accessorize kaftan

It is easy to add styling to your Islamic clothing wear provided you keep in mind that moderation is the key. An extravagance can make it all wrong. Even though the options on men’s Islamic clothing style is limited as against women’s fashion. Kaftans with moderate embroidery is also available for men and comes in a variety of hues such as white, black, blue, off white, grey and light brown. For instance, if you would like to wear a kaftan, blend it along with sunglasses.

Matching caps

Make sure that it is color coordinated. For Muslim men, it is imperative to keep the head covered every time. So while choosing your kaftan ensure that you have paired it with a matching cap (kufi). Apparently, it will add to your appearance without ignoring the religious needs.

Patterned clothes without the image of a living being

Designs on any apparels are acceptable provided it is any pattern that does not have an image if of animate beings. You are free to choose any designs and patterns except for this particular aspect and get modern and look fashionable with the new makeover. Rather it seems as one of the easiest way to get transformed with the designer apparels.

Fashionable Islamic tees, hoodies

Trends do come to Islamic fashion as well. As a matter of fact, Islamic tees are becoming popular among fashion freaks. Tees imprinted with Islamic quotes and images are trendy and sticks close to the Islamic clothing guidelines. While Islamic tees use a bit heavier cloth than normal ones and hoodies give a true casual appearance. They are loose fitting and serves as a cozy wear while travelling. Try Islamic hoodies with a pair of jeans to look modern and up-to-the minute.

Matching your upper and lower garments

A best move to remove your woes while wearing Islamic style apparels. Match your upper garment with a modern outfit to look trendy and fashionable. Meanwhile ensure that you have chosen garments that strictly adhere to the Islamic clothing guidelines.

Go for customized apparels

Create own styles by getting customized apparels that matches your outlook. You can accessorize your apparels with some minor embellishments such as buttons and cuffs that makes your outfit look simply adorable. You can try this on your kaftans, jubbahs, dishdashas, kurthas and thobes. A simple makeover on these garments without any extravagance is all you need.
Accessorize your Islamic apparels with moderate accompaniments and get a trendy makeover. Renew your Islamic clothing style that suits your stance and stay trendy and modern. A slight embellishment on apparels without ignoring the clothing guidelines in Islam is always welcomed.
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