Smart Shorts Styles For Men

by Dukakeen Admin on April 19, 2016
Smart shorts styles for men
Modern men have many options on clothing unlike those who dwelled in the past. The new addition to men’s clothing, shorts are great choice and accepted as smart casuals for men. When you are after hours, at beaches, outdoor recreation, family or friends meeting or any party that is thrown for the sake of fun, shorts must be your first choice. All you need is to check out for the suitable weather; it does not make sense if you prefer to wear it during winter but wear shorts when the climate goes awfully scorching.
Certain shorts fashion for men stays evergreen and the biggest example is cuffed (turn-up) shorts. It evidently proclaims that summer is on! All you need is to find the right shorts for you by choosing those that can accentuate your style ultimately. And different styles look great on different guys. Knowing what constitutes your shorts style is the key in looking good. So, check out what works best on you.
Certain factors such as color, designs alter your appearance while wearing shorts. Let’s take a look at the different ways to wear shorts based on your body shape to ward off any anomalies. Look handsome in shorts casual wear every time you go out partying.

Your Length & Short’s Color

The mid-thigh, shorts just above knee length and cuffed shorts are big favorites among men. Customizing men’s shorts style as according to one’s body type provides a neat look. Like I mentioned above, not all styles suits everyone. If you want people to make the focus toward your face when you are short in particular, do check that you have a darker shade at the bottom half of your body. Because the focus move toward the bottom feet and goes upward making you look tall. So, try to wear dark colored shorts with a light top to create an illusion of height. It does work and if you wear a dark top with light hued turn-up shorts, it takes your height away.

Shorts Combination

Turn-up shorts is highly flexible type as it creates only little worries. You have plenty of choices for tops if you have chosen to wear cuffed tops. Indeed, it goes along with all kinds of tops. A loose cardigan, T-shirt, sweater or a casual button down serves as the best combination for cuffed shorts. And fashion experts say, a summer blazer gives all the cool look a guy wished for, while wearing cuffed shorts. Another rule is that if your cuffed shorts are plain, go for a top with patterns and prints and vice versa. It’s just going to make you look impressively awesome. And a pair of sandals along with cuffed shorts during summer comes as the best combination ever in men’s fashion.

Rules In Wearing Shorts

A strict no-no to pleats in men’s shorts style. Flat front shorts makes the trend and keep it straight from the start to hem. Preferably, length should be just an inch above the knee if you do not like to get it cuffed. Longer ones are more of a capris fashion which pull you out of the shorts style. Shorts contributes bulkiness to the upper part of the legs and if it is baggier, you will look thicker. Baggy fit is often used with belt, a leather or canvas and can be classified under the athletic golf shorts style. A more accepted style in shorts is the one which goes straight from the hip to hem evidently looks dapper on all guys, no matter short or tall.

Most Popular Shorts

Khakis shorts are must haves in men’s summer wardrobe. And the best part is that you can match it with any colors. Put on a casual button down or a T-shirt, and you will find that it’s totally matching. Cargo shorts, made its appearance during the late 90s is another wardrobe essential. Only thing to be taken care of is that should not stuff the pockets nor should you wear it while having a brunch outdoors in restaurant. Gym shorts are for athletic purposes and baggy elastic waist shorts of breathable material are common. If you are mad about beige, navy and olive shades, break out from these hues and try out the checked pattern.
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