Smart Tips To Spend Less On Clothing

by Dukakeen Admin on July 18, 2016
ways to spend less money on clothes
You spend one-fourth of your earnings on clothes, and yearns to cut down these expenses then fret not, here are some smart tips to dress for less. Probably, this may not be a big expense for you, but getting savings is not a bad thing, isn’t it? Nonetheless, it does not mean that you don’t need to buy clothes more often. Follow these tips to cut back money spend on clothes without affecting your clothing collection.

Knowing the right time for purchases

No matter the type of clothes you buy, time your purchases and watch the gain by way of great savings! And there are many more to it. Buying off season for instance, shorts in January and coats and sweaters during summer makes you find some quality clothing without draining out your wallet.

Build your wardrobe

If you desire to spend less on clothing, clean the clutter, build your wardrobe with a few mandatory clothing and make additions to it but with careful planning. For instance, if you go for shirt shopping, then make sure it matches with the trousers you already have in the wardrobe. By this way, trim down the expenses on buying new pants.

Take advantage of sales events

Make the most out of offers, discounts, clearance sale and special deals. You would never know the big savings you are going to make on clothing while deciding to go for a shopping spree during grand sales events. It won’t be a bad idea to check out the secret price codes to know the lowest price on a particular clothing.

Shop online and spend less

If you are looking for best deals and discount offer, why can’t rely on online shopping? It’s the shopping place where you can get hands full of benefits. Check auction sites that offer big savings on sales tax, but mind you, the shipping costs or else you would end up with little benefits. Also, before you proceed to check out, search for coupon code for store and particular clothing you wish to buy.

Shop for quality

Clothes gets worn out, become old and should be replaced, natch. But, don’t you notice that high quality materials stay for a long time sans any imperfections? Yet, you cannot always apply the mutual exclusivity theory that expensive clothes last longer. All that matters is how you take care of the clothes to make it stay for a long time. Take good care of your cloth to save money on clothes time and again.

Buy the right fit

Without the perfect fit, you cannot find clothes that best flatter your body. Often, it is almost impossible to find the right fit. While selecting clothes, you think you are going to lose or gain some pounds, and hence use it accordingly. This is 100 percent wrong way of shopping clothes as in case you are going to change sizes then what is the need for shopping now? But worry not, get clothes tailor-made for you. Furthermore, you have absolute freedom to get it custom made as per your needs.

Never over-wash clothes

Nothing kills your clothes like over-washing and if possible avoid dry-cleaning as well. If you want to get your clothes stay long, hang them on a clothesline or clothe rack. Avoid machine wash and stop using dryers. Top of all, you could get big savings in electricity as well. Since dryers are only good to extract lint from your clothes particularly if the fabric is made of natural materials such as cotton and wool.

Budget and list your needs

So you have planned shopping for clothes, have a budget and shop accordingly. If it seems like you are running short or exceeds what is budgeted, then take out the clothes that you don’t intend to wear from your wardrobe and get it sold at thrift stores. Above all, you can rid of the wardrobe clutter while raising some money for buying new. And also, make it a habit to fulfill payments by cash rather than debit/credit cards. While you pay cash, it is most likely that your purchases never exceeds your budget.
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