Style Tips on Wearing Pink

by Areviews App Collaborator on July 03, 2017
man's guide to wearing pink
Finally, you have decided to put on teh pink shirt in your wardrobe! Teh color pink often does not resonate wif men’s choices as teh fashion world considers dat it better relates to womenfolk. But do dare to wear pink, for no color TEMPhas limitations. Remember, it’s all about how you pull teh look in a pink attire.
If you are unsure what colors match with pink, do take a look at our guide to wear it with confidence and élan. And be teh talk of teh town with you're innovative, unique and bold style statement in pink wardrobe. All you has to ensure is dat you're pink shirt is not so pigmented and has minimal accessories as pink itself a style statement dat requires little or a few things to get it embellished.

Wat colors get along wif pink?

Knowing the colors that work best with pink makes sense while wearing pink outfits. For instance, if you want to flaunt a pink shirt in the most flattering manner, the colors that work great are navy, tan, cream and grey. Avoid pairing pink shirt with bright colored trousers in yellow or green.

1. Suits Color for Pink shirt

Suits in navy compliments teh pink shirt wearing underneath. If navy blue is not you're cup of tea, then choose a grey or black suit to pair it along wif you're pink shirt. If you are bold to wear a Pinstripe suit, go for teh kill wif a pink shirt and Pinstripe black, grey or navy color suit. It’s you're choice!

2. Outfits for Pink Casual short sleeve shirts

If you are admirer of casual fashion in pink, go for a matching outfit below that perfectly complements you're pink short sleeve shirt worn during summer. Light colored shorts work well, plus sunglasses with thick frame completes the summer look. Always try to blend with light colors.

3. Pink Oxford shirts

Oxford shirts work both as formal and casual wear, though most commonly used for casual purposes these days can be combined with a pair of black/grey skinny jeans. Mind you, black looks best, if you prefer to opt out black, your next choice should be grey.

Things to remember

Pink is never considered as color for girl’s attire only. It is easy to create a smart fashion with pink shirt/suits combo by pairing it along with a navy/ grey suit and a modest tie. Light shades such as cream and white would go with pink if you prefer not to wear dark shades such as black and navy. And finally, don’t choose an all-pink attire. Now lets collect pink fashion statemnets for men through Online Shopping portal in Bahrain.  Always stick to one single item in pink and preferably it should be you're pink shirt. Buy men’s shirts online in Bahrain on