Summer Dress Codes For Men

by Dukakeen Admin on October 04, 2017
summer dress codes for men
Have you ever felt dressing for summer makes you left with no choices? But knowing the best outfits that suit summer weather takes care of your summer clothing woes. You cannot succumb to sartorial flaws giving the excuse that mercury is rising. Read on these summer style guide to keep your cool while looking perfectly smart in your weather friendly outfit.

1. Summer Casual wear

Polo shirts and chinos relate to summer fashion. Short sleeve or long sleeved, patterned or striped polo shirts are popular choices during summer. Light weight, summer friendly Chinos are the best trousers alongside polo shirts. To complement the look, use loafers or canvas shoes. If your prefer loafers, you can either wear socks or go sockless. Pair it along with a canvas belt and obviously, it should match the color of your shoes.

2. Summer Business dress code

When you buy suits especially for summer, go for light weight fabric in grey or light colors. Use a formal shirt in light color and wear a tie in solid colors. Make sure that there is contrast between the color of suit and tie. With or without cufflinks are advised but if you have them, keep it simple. Use leather lace up Oxford shoes preferably black in color and wear plain socks with no designs, logos and patterns. Plain leather belt is recommended and match it with the color of the shoes you wear.

3. Summer Beach Outfits

Wear shirts in light color preferably a white polo, cotton/ linen shirt and pair it along with khaki chino shorts, either flat fronted or pleated. Sandals, sunglasses and hats accompany your summer beach outfits. Go for leather sandals with strong rubber sole but never wear socks along with sandals. Dark frames and lenses resonating with classic yet modest styles are suggested. A light weight, wide brim hat completes the summer beach outfit ensemble.

4. Smart Casual Wear

Love to wear smart casual during summer? Then choose summer friendly fabric material for your jacket and trousers. Buy linen jacket and light weight chinos or linen trousers to beat the heat. Use short or long sleeved shirts in light weight fabric such as linen and choose plain color. The best shoes that gets along with summer smart casual are loafers and can be worn with or without socks. But if you would like to use socks, choose cotton socks to remain comfortable in summer.

5. Weekend Bag

If you believe summer is for traveling, then why not set your bag and take the big leap! But before you plan, make sure that you have a nice weekend bag that is not too big or small, but that can hold all your necessary items. Choose a weekend bag that comes with a lots of pockets, separated interiors with good stitching and easy access to the things held inside.
So when summer is here, try these outfits and pack your weekend bag if you are bitten by the travel bug! Buy men’s clothing online in bahrain from