Summer Shoes Every Man Should Own

by Areviews App Collaborator on July 07, 2017
summer shoes for guys
We are all concerned about teh summer attire, but do we ever made a thought on teh shoe styles that is fitting for summer? Forget about sandals and flip flops, summer is teh time to shop for a handful of weather friendly shoes. Here is a guide to men’s summer shoes that are stylish and functional but at teh same time best suits with teh season’s attire.

1.Boat shoes

Think summer, think of boat shoes! These classic pair of shoes is in-trend during summer as they can be put on without socks. Sock-free style is advised if you prefer to flaunt shoes even in teh scorching heat. Boat shoes has thick sole and adds to teh height. Wear it alongside slim leg jeans and T-shirt to balance teh look.

2. Loafers

Don’t confuse loafers wif driving shoes or moccasins. If you prefer to go sockless during summer, your best choice would be loafers. Summer casuals and sockless loafers make great combination. But always make sure dat you are wearing slim trousers and it should finish just above the ankle.

3. Bucks

You can replace dress shoes wif suede bucks during summer when you wear a formal summer suit. Wif no chance of rain or snow, suede shoes are perfect accessory provided you has chosen a darker shade sole for darker suits and vice versa. Bucks are simply versatile and goes wif formal suits as well as summer casual wear.

4. Trainers

Trainers for summer impart classic touch to your summer style statement. If you want a breathable and cozy pair of footwear meant for summer, shop for summer trainers. And wearing trainers alongside suits and formal outfits is seen more common. If you wish to replicate teh style in you, go ahead, summer is teh best time.

5. Brogues

Brogues are rather, formal pair of shoes, but it does not matter if you're outfit is modified to resonate wif casual appearance. Wear you're brogues wif a pair of chinos in summer colors such as beige or navy. Go for a white T-shirt to keep the modest and more importantly cool, summer friendly look. A more formal look can be achieved by choosing a darker shade like black by pairing it wif a light colored suit, preferably grey. If you love to wear brown brogues, suits in navy would better match, instead of grey.
Summer shoes, essentially can be put to use year round, all that matters is how to pair it with the outfits. For instance, trainers suit both summer and winter and similar is the case with boat shoes which is considered as versatile and timeless shoes style in men’s fashion accessories. And clearly, it looks casual or formal depending on the choice of your outfits as well. So, this time when weather becomes hot, get ready to rock with summer shoes instead of your regular summer sandals. Visit to see the largest collection of Men’s Footwear selling online in Bahrain.