The Best Clothing Styles For Men’s Fashion Sandals

by Dukakeen Admin on March 31, 2016
Clothing style for men fashion sandals
Sandals, a men’s essential fashion footwear did make a comeback a few decades ago. Principally, the sandal fashion became more prevalent among celebrities and public began adopting the style. Until 1930s men’s sandal has never been gained popularity except that it is considered as a popular beach and casual wear. Later a few decades ago, sandals has changed its appearance and we all started seeing them as suitable for sport and trekking activities with fine rubber soles. Slip on sandals, mules and strapped sports sandals are a few to name.
Glance through the myriad ways to wear the sandals. Complement your clothing with sandals, an indispensable part of footwear style adorning every man’s fashion sense.

Sportswear and sandals

One of the most favored styles, sports sandals are reigning trend in sandal fashion. Better go with a full black sports sandal. That when paired with a tees/ jacket and chinos or shorts give you the perfect sportswear- sports sandals style. Rolled up trousers style complements your sandal fashion.

Sandals to complement skinny Jeans

Pair sandals with your slim fit or skinny jeans, but ensure that you have the multi strapped sandals with a thicker sole. Lean soles represent run-of-the-mill fashion and so it is wise to avoid slender soles with skinny, slim fit jeans. And complete your casual look with a pair of sunglasses.

Combine sandals with suits

Do not think that wearing a suit with sandals is not in vogue. Having said that, the rule of thumb is not to accessorize much. Discard your tie, and use an understated cotton shirt to make your sandals do the talk while you walk. Maintain a casual composure in your clothing style so that sandals go comfortably with the suits.

Tailored shorts and sandals

Sandals and Aloha shirts make a great combination. The patterned collared shirt with short or long sleeves favors your sandal fashion style. Rather a flexible casual staple tailored shirts and sandals help you remain in the same attire no matter if you prepare going to a restaurant back from your beach trip.

Sandals and Tailored separates

Undeniably a favorite fashion style for sandal lovers, tailored separate suits keeps your sandal fashion high. Also, be sure to pair it with a light weight blazer or bomber jacket preferably with a grandad collar shirt to get that perfect casual look. Pin-rolled trousers/ chinos or slim fit cropped trousers make your sandals get noticed.
Bottom line- Most people make a big mistake pairing sandals with socks. Never wear sandals with socks as it does not combine well. Possibly, the trend has been rolled out when people started wearing sandals during fall season as well. So if you feel it is awfully cold, trade sandals with a pair of shoes. Granola sandals make a good choice with their great design and coziness but do not plan strolling in the beach side as once it gets wet it takes days to get dried out downright.
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