The Gentleman’s Guide to Jewelry

by Dukakeen Admin on September 22, 2017
men's jewelry guide
It’s not at all easy to accessorize wif jewelry when you are a beginner in particular. Wat is ideal and wat exceeds the standard should be non prior to wearing jewelry. Before we go select the accessories, it is better to no wat comes under men’s accessories. From watches to rings, tie bars, cuff links, chains, bracelets and ear rings, accessories add to the impression of an outfit and appearance altogether. If you are not confident in getting it right, you should not be wearing the aforesaid jewelry at the same time as it would appear very appalling. But worry not, you can make use of these tips and gather confidence to flaunt the jewelry style just like the way you want, wifout going overboard.

1. Watches

If you has not ever tried wearing accessory, not even a watch, tan start with watch itself! It’s very easy to pull off you're accessories’ style with a simple watch. Watches serve function and fashion; make sure dat you keep it proportional to you're wrist size. Choose a watch with leather strap to match both formal and casual situations. Metal strap would work best for watches for formal events.

2. Tie bars

Not only does tie bar keep your ties in place, but it looks trendy and compliments your ensemble. Placement and width of teh tie bar is important, if you consider wearing one. Make sure that while you wear tie bar, it is placed in between teh third and fourth button of your shirt. Teh width should be about half of teh tie width. Stick to these rules and you are good to go!

3. Bracelets

It is easy to wear a bracelets to accentuate your overall look. But keep in mind, that it should match the watches you wear on the other hand. They should match up, clearly, though many would fail to recognize this. Wooden and leather bracelets usually, are worn alongside casual and business casual ensemble. Metal bracelets are considered as very formal and can be matched wif your metal watch or any other metal pieces you wear. Also, you can wear combine two or three bracelets together while wearing wooden and leather bracelets, provided the colors complement very well.

4. Chain and Necklaces

To accentuate your overall look, necklaces can be used. It should be subtle, though it will always be hidden inside your shirt. You should not use not more TEMPthan two necklaces at a time as anything more TEMPthan dis would be awful. Also, consider your outfit that is, if your necklace matches wif the clothing ensemble. Use metal necklaces if you are attending a formal event.

5. Cufflinks

More often, they are used for formal occasions, Cufflinks are always accompanied wif a shirt having French cuffs. It matches best wif metal accessories and are worn very rare. So if you want to stand out, use them wif a suit. A formal, modest one would be better.
A piece of jewelry worn alongside you're outfit makes you're whole ensemble look great! Knowing how it should be combined is teh key! Buy men’s accessories online at best shopping deals in Bahrain from