The Ultimate Hair Coloring Guide for Men And Women

by Dukakeen Admin on March 30, 2016
hair coloring tips for men and women
Finding the best hair color can be very daunting. If you ever felt like nothing works good after having tried umpteen times with a variety of hues, then you have come to the right place. We shall explore what’s is the best color for your hair based on your complexion. Do not get perplexed, as you might have undermined the role of complexion in choosing the color that suits your hair. That’s the very reason why you do not flaunt a great look while last time you have colored your hair just like the model in the magazine did!
The first thing you need is to check out the type of skin tone. A cool or warm undertone requires different treatment while you take to coloring your hair. And you can go checking the color of your veins in your wrists. Usually, those with warm skin tons have green veins while those with cool skin tones have bluish-purple veins. So if you have all checked out with your skin tone, get ready for choosing the hair colors that best supports your skin color.
Glance down through the rule of thumb when it comes to choosing hair color befitting skin color and undertone. Let’s start with the skin tones and the preferred hair color for each of the categories.

Warm and fair undertones

Warm and fair skin tones have lots of yellow and gold color and thus it is better to avoid ashy shades. The best hair color for such skin type is brown, golden brown or honey color variants to help enhance the look. Chocolate brown is a good option and terracotta reds comes as the wise choice as against bluish colors.

Cool and fair undertones

Everyone likes golden shades, but if y0u flaunt an ivory skin color, it only helps you improve the redness in the skin. If you are blonde, choose platinum or light yellow or ashy colors to suit fair and cool undertones. These colors reduce the pinkness on the skin and complements the skin tone the best.

Dark and warm under tones

Dark brown or a deep brown hair color bring out the golden undertones in the warm and dark skin tones. Brunette hair is a wise choice for those who have a black color hair. Also try colors that are light and dark. Auburn browns, golden brown and ash brown go with dark and warm skin tones without any flaws.

Medium warm skin tones

For medium warm skin tones, it is wise to avoid dark colors such as jet black or deep black and instead go for chocolate brunette shade with light brown colors that reduce the darkness to transform the overall appearance. The bottom line is to avoid dark and deep hues of hair color.

Medium cool undertones

When you flaunt a medium cool skin tone, it is better to stay away from the red colors, and try something that goes well such as auburn, dark hues or an ash tones brown hues. Pink and red colors never look good on medium cool tones as well.

Olive warm skin tones

Golden brown, honey blonde, chestnuts, light brown shades suit the green and yellow undertones of the olive skin. Brown shade is the best even if you are brunette. If you like to experiment with colors then caramel, golden copper and cinnamon should come in your top preferences.

Olive cool skin tones

Stay away from those colors that lighten the hair color. Keep in mind that yellow and yellow based hues are strictly avoided if you have an olive cool skin tone. If you really like to add a lighter color to your skin tone then colors like chestnut and cinnamon works well on olive cool skin tones.
Find your skin tone and then choose the colors that resonates with your complexion. When hairstyle gets revamped, you get a new you, and when you transform yourself with new hair colors, you could see the most stylized you. It is as simple as that. Enjoy the idea of using vibrant colors on your hair and try colors that suits your skin tone every once in a while.
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