Top All-time Favorite Women’s Wardrobe Staples

by Dukakeen Admin on January 30, 2019
Top All-time Favorite Women’s Wardrobe Staples
Fashion changes, but certain wardrobe staples stand the test of time. The change in styles happen quite fast and you might be surprised to see the drift one trend to another. Rather than blindly following fashion trends that do not last long, if you really want to add to the wealth of wardrobe, go for shopping on clothing essentials that are timeless and adaptable. No matter the season and trends, these unique wardrobe staples serve as a real clothing asset in your wardrobe. Invest on the wardrobe essentials that never goes out of style! Let’s take a look at these wardrobe staples for women.

1. Denim Jacket

This ‘evergreen’ blue fabric jacket is a timeless classic that reflects the best casual appearance. Nothing works as good as an outfit topper than denim jackets. Add casual elegance to your outfit by throwing a denim jacket over your T-shirt. Or get a double denim style by combing the casual denim jackets alongside denim jeans. If leather is your style, pair it along with leather or suede pants.

2. White button down shirt

Nothing beats the grace of a white button down shirt- as a work wear, for a day out, you name it, and white button down is a must. Invest on a couple of white button down shirts to suit all your formal and casual events. Pair it along with formal wear for an office look, or put on your casual pants and jeans to flaunt the casual appearance.

3. Little Black Dress

You might think that it is the most common outfit from time immemorial, but what else can guarantee the best look than a classic little black dress? Embellished or modest, little black dress is 100 percent versatile and each time you can experiment with different styles to get a new look- try different lengths and cuts that suits your body frame. Flaunt limitless styles in this timeless piece to get that flattering appearance.

4. Trench Coat

You cannot underestimate the elegance of Trench coats, a quintessential winter staple and a style statement! Even a modest outfit can be accentuated with a trench coat. You can pair it along with any outfit styles- dress, leggings, and skirts and so on. Combine your knee boots with Trench coat to show off your casual, laidback appearance. Always look for a trench coat in neutral color such as beige, forest green, navy blue or brown to match it up with almost all colors in your outfit.

5. Straight leg jeans

Denim jeans styles are truly classic styles that remain in vogue for ever. Straight leg jeans can be worn for all occasions as they are not figure-hugging. Not so slouchy, not too tight, these straight leg jeans can be paired with white button down and combine it along with your favorite jacket as the outfit topper.
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